Advice Needed with M40-A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by cirrus, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Hey Folks,

    Recently while shooting my M40-A1 a problem has developed and I'm unsure what it is. First, I apologize if my terminology is a miss but I am not as knowledgeable as some of you with firearms. I know how to shoot and clean them and that's about it...

    Anyway, after racking the slide the trigger reset does not always activate and I have to try again. Then, if it does reset, it mostly results in misfires, or itwill fire and then does not. In fact, it sometimes stops firing altogether. I have looked at the shell casing and noticed that there is no mark on the casing indicating that the firing pin isn't striking it. My pistol perfomed flawlessly during the first few hundred rounds but now this. It has approximately 800 rounds through it. And, yes, I know someone is going to ask, it is always clean when I fire it. I clean my pistols thoroughly after every trip to the range.

    Thanks for any advice. I love my Steyr and really want to get it back in action.
  2. Did you clean it as per the Stey tutorial located on our home page here at Steyr Club?

    What type of ammunition were you using when you experienced the problems?

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    Two of my Steyrs are in at SAI at this very moment for a similar issue.....

    Call Jeff @ SAI and see what he has to say....

    8) 8)
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    a lot of them do this. Mine did this I used to want to get rid of it because it was unreliable. Send it to the repair shop in Georgia, in about a week I got it back and haven't had a problem in 700 rds.
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    You shouldn't have to clean your weapon after every trip to the range, unless you are using corrosive ammunition. You only have 800 rounds, things like this shouldn't be a problem. If you have to totally detail strip your weapon to clean it after every use, just to get it to "run right"; your weapon is not dependable. However, it is a possibility you could of reassembled the weapon incorrectly, if you have detail stripped it. For the small number of Steyr M-series in circulation, problems seem to be evident. Sure, glock, sig, hk etc. have their problems reported, however the amount of those brands in circulation is dwarfs the amount of Steyrs in circulation, therefore you are statistically going to have reports of problems. Don't get me wrong, the Steyr is nice and shoots well. But there are numerous post describing having to send the pistols to SAI to get them to "run right". I would like to know how many M-series are in circulation in the US and then know the number that have made a trip to SAI or an earlier Steyr repair facility. Hope things work out for you. If things work out, you'll have a great comfortable shooter. SAI will take care of you, but they shouldn't have to. My opinion is that a weapon should come to you ready to roll, and after lots and lots of good use and wear, then and only then should you send your weapon in for servicing. I believe that is how they are designed to be. Being frustrated is understandable.
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    i've gone 1000 rounds between cleanings. didn't even wipe the breechface for over a year. 0 malfunctions.

    i think the only thing on the planet that comes close to being as reliable as the steyr is the toyota tacoma. both run fine as long as there's fuel. BTW, i'm rolling 200,000 on the tacoma this week, i can feel it!

    also, "not dependable?" i mean, honestly, if i KNEW for a fact that my gun will fire 46 rounds between cleanings. i'd be fine. i won't carry more than 46 rounds and i'll probably find a long gun or get shot before i'll use all 46 anyway. when the gunfight is over, i'll have plenty of time to clean my gun.

    as far as people sending their guns back to SAI being statistically significant, keep in mind that we only have 3,000 members here. we just had a post today from a steyr distributor in canada who just found the site TODAY.

    now, i'm proud of our little corner of the steyr universe, but the serial numbers for the m+s series are in the 60,000 as far as we know. could be higher.

    also keep in mind that i've never been to the remington arms whatever forum site. my remington 1100 has NEVER malfunctioned, EVER. therefore, i'm not on any website's statistics count.

    the reality is that steyr has tried some redesigns of parts through certain serial number ranges. if you examine sub-frames from various serial number ranges, it almost looks as though the casting process changed over time.

    that being said, if steyr ran 10,000 guns with an extractor spring that was 2 coils short of a "full pull", you'd assume that a large percentage of these will not function perfectly. which is fine, as long as the manufacturer covers it under warranty, which SAI does exceedingly well.

    the only point that could potentially be made is that SAI should have updated each and every pistol with the newest extractor and mag springs BEFORE sending them to CDNN, but hey... as far as we know, the CDNN guns DID get the latest and greatest updated parts and those parts have now been updated. besides, a lot of those CDNN pistols run perfectly fine.

    every mechanical device will fail AND a statistically significant portion of steyrs function perfectly.