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Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by STG77, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. STG77

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    What are the chances that somebody (Pj's?) starts importing ADI AUG parts now that Steyr stuff is banned?
  2. CGuns

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    PM me if you need parts. I can help you.

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    "Steyr stuff is banned" First I've heard of it. Please tell me more. When? Why? I thought they were setting up shop again in Alabama. A good parts source is Pete at Green57

    Okay, I just looked around and found out what was going on. That sort of sucks. I'm glad I'm living in Europe for the time being. Green57
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    I talked to ADI 2 weeks ago. The answer was sure you can buy parts from us.

    firing pins- 250
    stocks- 250

    and so on.

    No small orders, large orders only.

    Not enough market here for that large quantity.

    I spent $120,000.00 with Steyr/Austria and it took 2 years almost to sell the items with very little profit to no profit with some items.

    Like 24" BFA my cost $185 sold a couple for $175.

    The Euro really hurt the prices.