ACOG or Bust?

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by Elbows, Dec 27, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    Been away from the forums for a while. I am looking to pick up a Magpul Masada middle of next year (or whenever they get around to releasing them). At work we use M4's, and I adore the 3x ACOGs we have mounted (when they work...our rifles get beat to pieces, and are rarely properly maintained etc.). However, I was a bit down-trodden to discover they ring in around the $1000 mark, and I am having serious trouble convincing myself its worth it - to be mounted on a $1400 rifle.

    Is there a decent competitor to the ACOG in the say....$350-600 range? Or is this pretty much the only decent scope/site on the market? I've never been into scopes/sights, I am only used to using ACOGs, and the occasional EOTECH. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This rifle will not be used for competition, but merely target shooting, and general shooting/tactical shooting practice.

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    Trijicon Accupoint 1.25-4x
    IOR 3x25 CQB

    But an ACOG is an ACOG is an ACOG. "Just do it" :mrgreen:

  3. The ACOG is about as good as it gets in terms of quality and price for a 3x I'm afraid. :(

    The aimpoint and eo-tech are fine, but they don't have the magnification of the ACOG.

    You're only alternatives really would be to get an Aimpoint or Eo-Tech with their seperate magnifier optics and that would push you above the price of one ACOG and take up more rail space + added weight.

    Of course you could get an Elcan Specter DR, but they cost as much as my first car did.

    Pretty much ACOG is the most bang for your buck right now.
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    Yeah, after some more research that seems to be the conclusion I've come to - found some ACOGs floating around online for around $800...or so...oh vell..suppose I better start saving up. :v
  5. Well, if you don't need the 3x power right away you could just get an EO-Tech or Aimpoint now and then later on add on a 3x magnifier.
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    If you were willing to sacrifice quality, I've seen "Trijiclones" at the local gunshows - same features and look without the brand name (and quality, I'm sure). Actually, come to think of it, I'm not positive they actually use tritium either... Perhaps that was a bad idea. :doh:
  7. Well, there are right now clones of the Aimpoint 3x Magnifier that are available for around $100.00 and since it is just a magnifier and nothing that requires internal wires of the like it could be a great alternative to an $800.00 ACOG to purchase an EO-Tech of Aimpoint and then the clone magnifier.

    I couldn't speak to whether the glass on the clone was as clear as the real deal or whether it, the housing, or the mount was as durable as the real deal, but for the price it could be worth the gamble.