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    Just bought an M9A1 and love it. Feels great, fun to shoot. I was searching for accessories and found that on the official Steyr-Mannlicher site they list barrels as an accessory. Does anyone happen to know if they mean that these are in fact interchangeable? Can I make my 9mm a .40cal or a .357 by ordering their barrel kits? Any info is a big help and pleasant surprise.

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    I believe the general consensus is that you will spend as much as a new gun buying slides. Regarding general accessories, IGB makes conversion barrels, Steyr makes threaded barrels for the M9 and M9A1 (see this thread), PT Night Sights makes all kinds of sights if the traps just don't do it for you, and anything that will fit a picatinny rail will stick to the front of the Steyr MA1 series.