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Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by AllenTC2, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. AllenTC2

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    Well, a co-worker dangled a LNIB P228 for $500 in front of me, and as I'd just gotten back from AT (and thus, had money burning a hole in my pocket), I started thinking about getting a pistol.

    The more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that I really prefered the G19 over the 228 (the consistent trigger pull). THAT led to me think "I wonder what ever happened to that Steyr I looked at online." I did some digging over the last couple of days and have decided instead of opting for the Glock, I'll be picking up a M9A1 from CDNN...hopefully tonight if my local dealer cooperates! LOL

    I've been reading the forums a bit, and I only have one question...why no S9A1??
  2. Dag

    Dag Guest

    ... why no S9A1??

    Hi AllenTC2

    Lots of folks interested in the S-A1 series, particularly in 357SIG. Don't know what's holding things up. Have read comments that a few have been seen at different shows, but nothing official. Lots of people waiting. Anyway, welcome to the club, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


  3. Syntax360

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    As far as I know, Steyr does not have very high volume manufacturing capabilities and S-M is exclusively cranking out the M-A1s right now to fill various (international) government orders, so production on the S-A1 has been at a stand still. They are also having headaches with importation ATM, IIRC...

    Wulf is probably the guy to ask...

    FWIW, I think you're better off with the M-A1 :wink:
  4. Yeah, I've heard the same things that Steyr has limited production ability right now devoted to their pistols and is only cranking out the MA1s, which are in great demand with various LEO/Military groups around the world.

    A limited number of SA1s made it in and a few people have them, but they are rare right now. Steyr was a no-show for the last SHOT Show, but they did show off the SA1 at the Paris MILPOL show in 06'.

    The MA1 though is a medium sized pistol frame and you'll like the trigger A LOT more than a Glock. The Steyr has the best DAO trigger I've ever pulled.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Welcome and good choice over the Glock (especially at CDNN prices).
  6. mike_hk2ksk

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    I've heard there is L model in the works. Would be interested in that for sure. Took my new M40A1 to the range. One FTE early on, then no problems what so ever after 150+ rounds. Have to get used to the trigger though.
  7. Polymer Proselyte

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    Does anyone have the intel on what governments are showing the extreamly good taste in selecting Steyr for Mil?LEO orders?

    When the big guys buy it usually means more support/access for the locals too.
  8. Syntax360

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    There was a post a few months back of a Indonesian spec-ops team with a table full of NIB M9A1's with threaded barrels, hogue grips, Insight M6X's, and B&T suppressors. It was almost sickening to see that much really cool hardware all in one place...
  9. BulletBait

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    Steyr didn't import too many S-A1s last time around and they dissapeared fast.
    So there wasn't any to sell to CDNN.