about to get on board....but a couple questions....

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by kotkinjs1, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Hi all,
    First, let me say thanks for all the info you guys have posted here - its a real wealth of information for someone to learn about the world of Steyrs before jumping in. Now for my questions:

    I've loved the look and feel of Steyr M series for as long as I can remember but never purchased one. Now, especially since the price has gotten down to justifiable levels (for me! :lol: ) I'm pretty sure I want to pick up an S9 as my primary CCW piece.

    I've already got a 9x18 Makarov as my normal carry piece and never having seen an S9 in real life, I can't really compare. Next to reliability, size is obviously the primary concern (Makarovs are pretty well known to be the 'you can fire 5000 rnds through it w/o cleaning, drop it in mud, pick it up and its still good to go' type of weapon). The Steyrs, once the initial cleanings and break-in are done, seem to be very reliable. From the dimensions I've seen posted on the web and from how big I know my Mak to be, they actually seem very closely sized, the S being a tad longer only. But I think its pretty hard to judge the real size and feel (and how much it prints) of a pistol solely by its LxWxH measurements.

    In the off chance that anyone has the same pistol collection that I'm contemplating, can anyone comment on the size and CCW-ability of these two fine firearms? How about IWB holsters - any out there?

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    Hi Jeremy!

    You mentioned holsters. There is a list of holsters here https://steyrclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7

    I have an M9A1 and it conceals quite well with an untucked t-shirt in the "Quick Cover IWB" from Custom Carry Concepts-- http://www.shop.customcarryconcepts.com ... roductId=1 Rich is friendly and most helpful if you should call him. He has the fastest turnaround of anyone I've experienced. He makes a great product with exceptional service at an extraordinary price. I'm very pleased with my purchase in case you can't tell. Enter "steyrclub" in the coupon code at checkout and you'll get a 10% discount. Be sure to list your member name in the notes as well.

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    Don't know about size comparison of the two pistols, but if you want a S9 you'll have to find a used one as there are no new ones available right now and you better beat Babs to it as they're hard to find. The S9s available used are the first model Steyr pistols, S and M, versus the current models, SA1 and MA1.

    But only a very few SA1 models (some say less than 100) made it to the states before the company changed ownership early this year and no new ones have come in since. More have been promised, but none so far. So finding an S9A1 is next to impossible while finding a used S9 is almost as hard. Good luck on either one. :mrgreen: