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Howdy All :)

I'd like to know if all the data for the S40 and M40/357 model magazines has been sorted, compiled and made available to forum members in a central location on the forum. If not, I could probably do a little "Article" to add to the Steyrclub Tutorials & Information Module based on having all available S & M model 40/357 factory mags in my possession to disect. Also, there are some S&W Sigma stainless steel mags that can be easily converted to increase the mag capacity for the 40/357's. I haven't any hands-on info concerning the S9 and M9 mags 'cause I don't have any. There is, however additional info converting 9MM mags with 40/357 mags that I'm not familure with, other than happening upon it. Regretably, I didn't really take note to pass on that info accurately. And, it may be that all of this post is redundant and this information is already available for all to view, but for the life of me I can't seem to find it, cohesively. :oops: Anyway, if anyone is interested, PM me and I can get that info to ya PDQ or if you have info that you want to add to the article concerning 9MM data, plz PM me. It is my intention that the article be a progressive work, as new information is made available by forum members. Any and all your replies I will hasten to address. Thanx.

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