A Warning to any VA CCW holders

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by nc_gunner, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Congrats! Your name is now in print (online at least) and available for all to see. Make sure they spelled it correctly and got your address right...

    Found this on packing.org but wanted to let everyone here know just in case you hadn't seen it. Seems a crusading member of the Roanoke Times decided that it'd be a good idea to obtain and then publish a list of all CCW permit holders in the state of Virginia. He even put it in a handy searchable database online. How very kind of him. :evil:

    Link to the original article posted by Mr. Christian Trejbal, columnist for the Roanoke Times:

    Link to the discussion and rising backlash over at packing.org:
    http://www.packing.org/community/genera ... 576/page1/

    Link to the database, which is still available:

    Trying to frame this as some kind of "Modest Proposal" doesn't skirt the fact that he actually drank the kool-aid on this subject. He can phrase it any way, and hide behind the FOIA all he wants, but the intent is simple: he doesn't think anyone should carry (or probably even own) guns so he's abusing his power as a laughable public figure to try and gain leverage for his personal views. The kaBoom he gets from this mess may burn more than just his hand, although the Roanoke Times certainly doesn't seem to be in any hurry to remove the database. Makes you wonder what kind of complicity they've got over there. :roll:
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    ...who was it that said this country needs a new revolution every hundred years or so????

    ...revolution calling...

    ...Revolution Calling...




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    Ok so he just made every one on that list a target.
    Yes people do have a right to know stuff but it doesn't need
    to be put on a bill board. I bet that this idiot wouldn't want
    a list of all his valuable possesions listed for all to see and
    steal. he wouldn't want his medical records published.
    He has ruined the respect of privicy for not only those
    indivuals but also he is saying that just because HE doesn't agree
    with something he will ruin the lives of everyone, because he is
    the only one that is right!!!
    he is a low life :evil: but what can you expect from a communist!
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    Something interesting to note ... when checking various online phone books I don't find the name Christian Trejbal of Roanoke Virginia (or any other Virginia town) listed.

    Hypocrite has an unlisted phone number.
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    i think he his mouth (keyboard) wrote a check his butt can't cash. the backlash from this is going to be severe for both him and the newspaper. i hope they can find a way to get them in civil court.

    BTW, the list has been pulled . . . . :lol:

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    someone needs to list his address and a picture of his house, wife, children, what he owns.....................and see if he likes the visability....... :x