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A Steyr Virgin No Longer

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So 2.5 months after buying my M9, I finally had the chance to shoot the darn thing. Was out at our land, no targets, just propped up an old rotting 2x4 and started banging off shells.

100 rounds later (CCI Blazer and some cheap Russian stuff) I can report that the gun does go bang when you pull the trigger, next time I'll remember to bring ear protection (working with jets I usually have some in my pocket but not this time) and anybody standing next to the person I'm trying to shoot better watch out.

To be fair to myself, I really need to shoot at some targets next time, without them I had no way of knowing which way to correct. Today was for the most part getting used to just firing a gun again. Technique and accuracy are next.

I'm also about to perform a search to see why the slide goes into battery when I slam home a fresh mag. Isn't it supposed to wait for me to hit the slide release, I'm sure I've seen this issue come up before.

Much fun!
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That is funny on the magazine changes.

I tried that a couple times last night, running them mags through the gun dry...and slamming them in to the mag well with considerable force and I never got it to go into battery.
I tried it too with my M9. Won't do it.

Just put another 150 rounds through my M9. Got the slide to release with every mag insertion. Personally, I like the fact that this happens since I can resume firing that much quicker. For a little more info on the slide riding into battery with mag insertion go here............. ... 77236e9b12

Have fun with your pistol and be safe.......................ns
Yup, loaded mags only. Don't try it at home 8O
Whoooooooooo Pax!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't make it to the range as much as I'd like!
I hear ya Pax and feel your pain about range time. My state only has free DNR ranges that go 25 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards. Which is fine if you're looking for some accuracy work at long range, but sucks for practical short range engagement training. Not to mention that they don't allow for holstered weapons and do more target checks then I've ever seen (serious like every 2 minutes).

We had one good indoor range for pistols only, but it was closed for months while the owners remodeled. Finally, I'm back at that range though and shooting like a madman this summer.

Just thought I'd vent and I'm glad to see you had a good time.

Safe Shooting
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