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A good IDPA day (for me anyway)

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I got 2nd of 7 shooters in SSP MM (1st was a friend who was only 10 secs off M.Ayoob and maybe shouldn't be in mm).

Also after sorting the e-mailed excell chart...

3rd of 19 MM for all divisions

20th of 54 shooters.

and 2 of the 6 stages i was down 0.

Today was the first day of not BLOWING a single stage totally, as well as my first time doing any stage clean in 8 matches. All the stuff I've been learning and trying to practice finaly felt like it was starting to flow, instead of being forced and me getting too rushed and screwing up. Muscle memory seems to be catching and things are getting from what I know to what I can do. I'm starting to shoot like the guys (not the really good ones, but the "average") who, only 7 months ago when i started and had never drawn froma holster, I wanted to shoot like.

While it may not be any major victory, and it was only one day (and isolated so far) to me it feels maybe not like bragging rights, but like I wanted to tell someone (other than the wife, who couldn't make it this morning).

To anyone trying to start, or thinking of starting idpa/ipsc shooting i just say don't get discouraged, you're GONNA suck at first, espicially compared to guys who've been doing it a while (like our IDPASteyr or jng). Find someone to help you and show you the proper way to do things (videos, GOOD competitors, or a class). Even when you "know" all that stuff, you need to be able to do it automaticly through practice sessions and dry fire drills.
But the biggest thing is getting COMFORTABLE stepping up to that line and being on the timer w/ the rest of your squad watching.

And here's an encouraging yet scary thought; while you may suck next to most everyone out there, even most LE's who only shoot to qualify and come out to try a match don't come back because they suck compared to those guys too. After just a couple of matches you'll be better shooters than A LOT and arguably most cops.
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