A good IDPA day (for me anyway)

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by FlaChef, Sep 5, 2005.

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    I got 2nd of 7 shooters in SSP MM (1st was a friend who was only 10 secs off M.Ayoob and maybe shouldn't be in mm).

    Also after sorting the e-mailed excell chart...

    3rd of 19 MM for all divisions

    20th of 54 shooters.

    and 2 of the 6 stages i was down 0.

    Today was the first day of not BLOWING a single stage totally, as well as my first time doing any stage clean in 8 matches. All the stuff I've been learning and trying to practice finaly felt like it was starting to flow, instead of being forced and me getting too rushed and screwing up. Muscle memory seems to be catching and things are getting from what I know to what I can do. I'm starting to shoot like the guys (not the really good ones, but the "average") who, only 7 months ago when i started and had never drawn froma holster, I wanted to shoot like.

    While it may not be any major victory, and it was only one day (and isolated so far) to me it feels maybe not like bragging rights, but like I wanted to tell someone (other than the wife, who couldn't make it this morning).

    To anyone trying to start, or thinking of starting idpa/ipsc shooting i just say don't get discouraged, you're GONNA suck at first, espicially compared to guys who've been doing it a while (like our IDPASteyr or jng). Find someone to help you and show you the proper way to do things (videos, GOOD competitors, or a class). Even when you "know" all that stuff, you need to be able to do it automaticly through practice sessions and dry fire drills.
    But the biggest thing is getting COMFORTABLE stepping up to that line and being on the timer w/ the rest of your squad watching.

    And here's an encouraging yet scary thought; while you may suck next to most everyone out there, even most LE's who only shoot to qualify and come out to try a match don't come back because they suck compared to those guys too. After just a couple of matches you'll be better shooters than A LOT and arguably most cops.
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    Oh, and also to add...

    So now that I've reached my first goal of placing in my class/division and being generaly middle of the pack for my local club matches (and well w/in the 1 year I set myself). I'm now going to try to win/place/or show in next years florida state match for ssp/mm (which should then put me in SS if i win or I'll requalify if i at least get 3rd).
    I'm going to have to give my gear setup a little tweaking and maybe go to a vest for cover instead of just a unbuttoned shirt (but cover was suspended today due to weather anyway). Also see my post in M/S series forum about my thinking of going to 3-dot sights and why. Might also be better to go down to 9mm (maybe a new A) as .40 is not very competitive for IDPA, it's just what I have and so what i've been using.

    Oh, and of course the steyr functioned flawlessly w. just a routine clean and lube the night before. Approximately 90-100 rounds fired, all 180 gr lancer custom reloads (liking that round).

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    good job man. i was wondering how to get into idpa shootting etc. can you help me? :?:
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    Chef, Congratulations. Starting in IDPA is all about STARTING. I have met too many people who say they will start when they are good enought, and never start. The only way to learn is to go out and shoot some matches. You have to learn what you don't know first.

    Keep with it and you will continue to improve. Good job, you are doing exactly what you need to do. Next step is to get some one on one time with an experienced shooter to learn some of the "tricks."
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    Congrats on the great finish! I shot my second USPSA match yesterday and I hear what you're saying! It was a 7 stage match and I sucked through the first four stages (including scoring an impressive "0" on a classifier stage!) But then the last three stages just seemed to "click" and I shot them cleanly and quickly. All the discouragement from the first few hours of the match were wiped out by those three good runs. I was particularly proud to place 7th in the hardest stage of the match.

    I have several "rules" of life, one of which is: Savor the small victories -- the large ones are few and far between! That's how I feel with my shooting...I'm not ready to take on the nationals, but I can beat myself from time to time.

    It's easy to see how shooting sports like IDPA and USPSA can be addicting...all it takes is one good run on one stage to keep you hooked and coming back for more!

    Shoot safe!

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    Congratulations! I've been shooting IDPA less than a year, and last month was the first time I didn't blow a stage. Feels good. The first time I shot, I wasn't last, but I did suck. I always try to find new shooters now, and encourage them to keep going.
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    CONGRATS CHEF! :wink:
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    Nice shooting! I was at the match also. I drove in from Sarasota. You guys have a nice club there, I always enjoy myself at the Orlando matches. Try the Ruskin matches too, 2nd Sunday.
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    Job job FlaChef!
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    yeah, the cowboys put up some GREAT builing facades.

    Bay 12(usually set up to be our stage 5) is always a blast and a headache because of the whole "street front" .

    Kinda wierd shooting poly pistols in idpa w/ old west background, but it works.

    Sarasota is kinda too far out for me as I usually have to go to work after matches, other wise I could shoot idpa every Sun w/ lakeland, titusville, sarrasota, ST Augustine etc all being w/in 1-2hrs.

    PM me if your gonna be there next month and we can squad up.
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    Congrats Chef! If your buddy was more than 15 seconds in front, he definitely should be bumped up to SS. You better watch it too, or you'll get bumped for such fine showings :wink: