A fun event @ CAJMT military base in Indiana

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    Admins, I hope this is ok... I'm not real sure where to put this thread because this isn't exactly a training event. It's more of a see if what you know works high round count event.

    A local 501c is doing a fund raising event at Camp Atterbury in Southern IN. I went to the 1st shake down event early this year and will help RSO this next time. This will be on the pop up target pistol range. Civilian access to this range has been very limited. I've been going to rifle events there and never knew about the pistol range. It's pretty much the most fun you can have @ the range and a great test for your kit.

    The morning session is sold out but they've just opened up an afternoon session. Rather than retype everything here I'll post a link to a local (to me) Indiana forum with all the info you need to sign up:

    I used my Steyr for more than half of the shooting & have a POV video for you guys: