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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bigtaco, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. bigtaco

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    i heard a noise... and i came out.

    i was in my living room googling recording interfaces and i heard a noise... so i came out.

    my neighbor was washing a dish and heard a noise... so she came out.

    luckily i had my shoes on when i came out.

    i came out just in time to see her hit car #2, throw it in reverse and proceed down the street. her window was down and i was running after her trying to stop her. i was touching her car when she hit car #3.

    then i opened her door and tried to grab the keys out of the switch at which point I was an a hole... according to her. luckily she realized she was done crashing cars for the night and stopped trying to drive.

    she called her friend who came down and was super cool, super nice, super apologetic and tried to give us $100 not to call the cops. THAT was funny. what then? this didn't happen? YOU were driving?

    so then i go to wake up my neighbor at 4am and he's trying to sound tough saying, "who's there? who's there?" i'm like, "quit trying to sound tough, it's just me." they came out... shoeless.

    the cop was cool, she got booked, her friend is blaming this on himself after he told her she couldn't drive and hid her keys, but the good news is that his ex-girlfriend lived nearby and when she showed up, she looked like she was willing to console him... if you know what i mean.

    i needed a little consoling too, but her friend? turns out i was not inconsolable.

    don't drink and drive, someone might hear a noise and come out... shoeless.
  2. heavymetalmachine

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    That is almost funny :shock:
    Was she drunk or on drugs? Both?
    Oh and let me guess a Taco Bell run at 4am.

    I hope nothing was damaged to badly in this moment of stupidity...

    The moral of this story always keep your boots on :lol:


    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Talk about lethal weapons: a car and a drunk/drugged/psycho/drivers'-school-dropout driver.
  4. Netfotoj

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    Out on the street in downtown Pittsburgh at 4 a.m.? I bet you not only were not shoeless, you were also not S40-less either. I know you wouldn't find me in a situation like that either shoeless or gunless.

    Glad to hear you survived getting involved in a runaway drunk-driver incident. You coulda been a bump in the road if that drunk driver zigged instead of zagged.

    And you did the right thing. Never ceases to amaze me how people can tear up jack and then ask, "You're not gonna call the cops, are you?"
  5. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    actually, i ran out gunless to stop the vehicle. no kids and a gun savvy roommate allow me the luxury of having the gun close at hand without being on my person.

    when i found out that some guy was on his way, i ran back in to grab the s40. i didn't know what sort of state of mind this guy and/or his friends would be in. i was seriously concerned that he'd look to hand out some fists to get this girl out of her jam.

    luckily he was totally cool and thanked me for stopping her from doing anymore damage. i'm going to guess that at least one of the 6 tow truck drivers was packing too.

    never underestimate tow truck drivers. 4 of them beat the cops there. one was there in under a minute from the time the call was placed.

    i LOVE the c-tac for this reason. no un belting. no fishing through loops. just un buckle and slam the rig in right over the belt. perfect.

    she was definitely drunk. i'm going to guess high on something else. to tell you the truth, i don't know many girls in that 18-24 age group that DON'T dabble in some sort of self-medication. it's kind of pathetic.