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A couple of questions about a M9

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What holster does everyone like? I know everyone will have their favorite, I am looking for a OWB paddle of belt perferably Kydex but would consider others. Main purpose is for range and some CCW. I looked at Fist and Blade Tech, really wanting to spend about $30-80 tops.

Is jackash the best/only place to get a recoil assemble? I am going to order one or 2 from him and do I also need to get springs or do they come with them? Do M1A mags fit the M9? Thanks in advance.

BTW, I did a search but was not finding the answers I was looking for. I have checked out rigrate but wanted to know what those of you carry your M9 in.
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I use an HBE Comm3 IWB. That won't help you if you are looking for OWB, but its is a very high quality piece. HBE also makes OWB but everything is leather.

As far as the guide rod goes, all JackAsh provides/sells id the rod itself, no spring included. You have to take the spring off your stock rod and put it on the new one. Nobody has been able to find a direct replacement spring (other than stock).

The new M-A1 mags work in the older M series.

You can also find more M and S series specific information here:

I am very partial to Comp-Tac products (, which are all Kydex.

The C-T.A.C. is one of the best IWB designs ever, IMHO. I used it extensively in IDPA this year and it worked very well for me. The signficant adjustability and modular belt mounting attachments cannot be beat, again IMHO.

I looked at Comp tac and did not find any for the Steyr M9, I must be missing something. I guess that you pick the holster and then print out the order form and send it in?
bigbob68 said:
I looked at Comp tac and did not find any for the Steyr M9, I must be missing something. I guess that you pick the holster and then print out the order form and send it in?
Yeah, it's a weird story with them. A fellow Steyroid here gave them an M-series to develop products for which they did for a while. Unfortunately the volume is not so great so they are now charging a premium (I think $15-$20) for any of their holsters for the M-series (not M-A1).

You might want to check with member MTobias, she has one that was recently made and may be looking to sell her Steyr and all the gear.


Check out:

can'y beat the prices and the stuff holds up great for daily use.
I like my blade-tech, it just took over 2 months as they are backlogged w/ military orders.

try grandfatheroak on the holster maker's list in the holsters section here. Dang hard to beat for the money. mention this site for a discount.
For my afariland 6280
For the M40A1 I have a Hoffners Hybrid warrior. Since no one except Bladetech makes a belt holster for the A1 I had to leave the A1 with Hoffner for a week.
Is there something wrong with the original plastic rod? Are there issues with the original plastic? Some guys replace it with a stainless rod or is it just for customizing, adding some personal touch to it? :oops:
I don't think there are any issues with the Polymer guide rod.
Some folks like a non captured steel rod so they can change the spring weight easily.
I think most manufacturers under spring most handguns when it comes to the recoil spring.
only ever head of one steyr poly rod failing.
heard of it in other poly rods from Block, Walther, CZ.

still no other weight springs for steyrs, but for other guns that is one reason.

If it wasn't against idpa rules i'd put one on mine.
Okay... so some pistol associations prohibits customization. Its good you mentioned it. :wink:
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