9mm vs 40 and more...

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    I am starting to eye plastic guns. From the feel in the shop, I like the Steyr best. Does this pistol 'feel' good and handle the recoil well in 40? Does it do as well as 9mm in terms of function? Accuracy? (Anyone own a CZ 75 that can compare it to a steel framed pistol?

    How does trigger compare to a Glock. The couple I have felt had a nice crisp letoff, but there was a bit of creep. (Not much different than a CZ with "camming "though.

    How do they compare to the SW MP and XD. (I just think the Steyr looks way cool in comparison).

    I already figure after market support won't be like Glock - but I don't like the block.

    How WILL customer service be after all the new management is settled. As good as SW? Do they make you ship it in on your dime?

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    well I am holding in my hand a brand new M9-A1. My first but certainly not my last Steyr. I own a Glock23 and a M&P 40. The feel of the grip on the steyer is better than both. Even with the different palm grips that M&P's come with I still like the ergonomics and size of the steyer better. I haven't actually fired the Steyer yet but the trigger seems to be close to the same weight as the Glock. A little lighter actually with no where near the travel. Before cleaning it has the same feeling crispwise. In all honesty, I don't like the M&P trigger at all. It comes in at an easy 6.5 lbs and has about the same amount of travel as the Glock which comes in at 5.5 lbs. I dont think the M&P is going to be in my home for long TBH.

    Thats my findings so far... off to clean and lube the new baby.


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    I have CCWed Glock 19, 17L, 26, & 21 and the trigger on my M9 is the best I have had out of the box. Ergonomics much better, like the sights better for self defense, Steyr .40 is one of the softest (although I'm not a .40 fan), accuracy better than I am, SAI customer service is reported excellent (although I have not had to use it).
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    while I only have the original Steyr M I have in 9mm and 40sw I also have a pair of S&W Sigma's in 9mm and 40sw.

    the Steyr handles both calibers better. in 9mm the steyr is a tack driver and the 40sw is pretty accurate.
    though my sigma's are accurate the trigger requires more skill which I am not quite providing to be as accurate with my steyr's.

    shipping Steyr you pay the way to them believe they return it on there dime.

    I have had the misfortune of using S&W's service. its not what it could be and many would say same of steyr always room for improvement.
    its about a toss up though steyr's us office in the US is smaller and friendlier.
    management change hasnt changed anything in US as far as I know except
    maybe giving the US office headaches though think that has settled some with new owner but not sure been while since I asked.

    S&W service has some jerks that wont help you.
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    What about convertability?

    I suppose you can drop in a 357 SIG barrel into the forty? I guess the 9mm is what it is because the bolt face is different.
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    Steyr vs XD

    Hi briang2ad

    I own both an XD-40 Tactical (5" barrel) and an M40-A1. Both are outstanding pistols. For me, the XD shoots "softer", and has a more positive ejection. The XD is more accurate, most likely due to the longer barrel. Muzzle flip is about the same, which is interesting, because the XD has a longer barrel. I'm sure that's due to the lower bore axis of the Steyr. I LOVE the triangle/trapazoid sights on the M40-A1, and the grip is simply the best of any pistol I've ever held. Which do I like better? Well ... it's really a close call, and you wouldn't go wrong with either gun, but right now, the Steyr is my #1 SD gun. Yeah, it's a keeper! Have heard some very good reports on the Baby Desert Eagle, which is based on the CZ75, but I haven't held or shot one yet. Let us know how your decision process is going.

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    I've owned several polymer 40's

    Walther P99
    Glock 23
    Glock 27
    Steyr M40
    Steyr M40A1

    I also own the P99 in 9mm and the Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm

    The Steyr shoots with less muzzle flip and less felt recoil than any of the others.
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    steyrs service is top notch. they will bend over backwards for you.