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I am a firm believer that speed kills, especially with everything else being the same. The 38 Super Auto has always been a round I've wanted but never bought because it just seems that there are better rounds, ie 357 SIG.

If I bought a 38 Super I would go whole hog and buy a good quality Model 1911.

The Hodgdon Manual shows the 115gr RN with 8.5 grains of HS-6 at 1314 fps. The same manual shows the 9mm, same bullet, at 1170 fps with 6.9 grains of HS-6.

Does anyone know of any 9mm loads close ot he 38 Super Auto that are still safe to shoot in my Steyr or my Ruger P-89? Any 9mm ammunition already loaded that is close the 38 Super?
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