9mm vs. 38 Super Auto

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    I am a firm believer that speed kills, especially with everything else being the same. The 38 Super Auto has always been a round I've wanted but never bought because it just seems that there are better rounds, ie 357 SIG.

    If I bought a 38 Super I would go whole hog and buy a good quality Model 1911.

    The Hodgdon Manual shows the 115gr RN with 8.5 grains of HS-6 at 1314 fps. The same manual shows the 9mm, same bullet, at 1170 fps with 6.9 grains of HS-6.

    Does anyone know of any 9mm loads close ot he 38 Super Auto that are still safe to shoot in my Steyr or my Ruger P-89? Any 9mm ammunition already loaded that is close the 38 Super?

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    buffalo bore, in addition to doubletap, makes some really hot 9mm stuff, if you want to stick to over the counter hot ammo.

    i'm not much of a race gun shooter but i believe that 38super's biggest contribution is the ability to reliably load, shoot, and feed a bullet loaded to major power, while being able to cram a whole bunch of them in a mag. they're obviously much smaller in diameter than .45s

    a lot of people i've had personal contact with who are loading up 9mm major rounds have troubles. mostly with feeding and blowing up cases. loading up .40 major rounds is pretty easy and the cases seem to take it, but with the extra diameter, and having allready resigned to handloading hot rounds in the pursuit of the final competitive advantage, 38 super makes more sense.

    i think, by what you say, that what your after are fast bullets for defense. but like mr.a says, light bullets don't retain energy well. which brings us to the classic conundrum...

    carry gun= short barrel. 9mm cooks pretty good out of a 3.5" barrel, but doesn't hold velocity well. 45 holds velocity well but has a hard time developing any energy in such a short barrel.

    40 s&w comes out of the muzzle much faster than .45 would, AND carries much of that energy downrange because the bullet has more mass than a 9mm.

    for the final one up, you get some doubletap or buffalobore ammo in .40, you've really got the best of both worlds. lots of speed and lots of mass.