9mm 147gr load data

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    So I have new toys and things are coming together on the bench. Recent purchases of the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Kit and a Lyman Gen 6 Touch Screen powder scale have me feeling like I can put out some accurate loads.

    For today's fun I put 5 rounds of Remington/UMC 147gr flat point (L9MM9) through the chrony as a sort of baseline. 5 rounds that the calipers said were OAL 1.092 FPS 942/902/922/922/957

    Then my own for testing I had:

    5 rounds of X-Treme 147 gr plated RN
    BE-86 4.5 gr OAL 1.13 FPS 1033/987/959/978/953

    5 Rounds of Hornady 147gr XTP
    BE-86 4.5gr OAL 1.13 FPS 960/964/948/963/970

    That was simply a starting load for these rounds following the 10% under max recommendation from Alliant and honestly I'm pretty surprised at how close I came to a factory load.
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    unless steyr loosend the throat up on newer production pistols you might want to mark your bullets and see if your running into the rifling. I used 147gr XTP's the max I could seat was under 1.120" COAL. I also had a terrible time shooting 147gr bullets they canted in flight hitting target sideways.
    had best experience with 115gr winchester fmj hollow base and 124/125gr ball bullets.

    favorite load was 1.150-1.169" COAL with WSF. tack driver load. dont have my old load book so cant say exactly what it was. but I remember my 147gr woes and issues with truncated bullets or bullets like xtp that have a high shoulder.

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    I plunked them early on and with FMJ round nose bullets I got over 1.2 before hitting the rifling :eek:

    I've settled on 1.160 for most loads but did find that those XTP's needed to be set to about 1.13

    Currently testing GT Bullets 130gr lead cast hollow points with Winchester 572.