9mm- 115 or 124 gr.?

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading' started by alagator, Apr 29, 2005.

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    In 9mm FMJ, is there any advantage to selecting 115gr or 124 gr for a range round, or is it just a matter of price? I have seen one user of South African PMP 9mm ammo on this forum, does anyone else have an evaluation for it? (I bought some of their incrediby cheap 270 ammo for practice with my Ruger M77, and shot the best groups of my life!)
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    Some people say practice with the same number of grains as your SD ammo but I say ... just get whats cheapest and works, of course! 8)

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    Ditto on the cheapest. I really like the $3.86 box of Blazer that Academy sell and the Blazer Brass at Walmart for $4.27. both 115 grain.
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    I WISH someone around here had Blazer for $3.86 a box, that is fantastic.

    I don't get Wal-Mart's inconsistent pricing. Blazer brass here is $5.97 a box. I usually get WWB 115gr FMJ as it is the cheapest at $11.34 for 100-round value packs, and is actually a quite stout round. I shot some Cor-bon 115gr +P and in my estimation it was on 15% or so greater muzzle blast/recoil than WWB 115gr FMJ.

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    some people have had better reliability w/ 124.
    I can not tell the difference in a range round :?
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    I like 124 grain FMJ for all of my Euro-nines.