8mm Roth-Steyr load data...

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    The following is what I've found to cycle well and shoot accurately in my Roth-Steyr pistol's.
    The bullet is a 100g 8mm Lebel Total Metal Jacket .330" diameter. These are offered by Graff and Son's. I resized these bullets down to .324" diameter.
    My load data...
    8mm Roth-Steyr
    Red Dot @ 3.3g
    Graf & Son's Lebel 100g Tmj bullet (resized bullets down to .324" diameter)
    WSP primer
    Fiocchi 8mm Roth-Steyr brass
    Measured Velocity 1090 FPS
    Shoots consistent .5" to .75" 3 shot groups at 35 feet.