600+ rounds and no problems but...

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    Well just like the title says 600+ rounds and no problems but....the trigger was feeling a little funny today. The last couple of clips the....I guess cocking part of the trigger was no longer fluid...it felt clunkey and started to click...not a sound but the action it was like start pull, click, continue pull, bang....

    Guess its time for a cleaning....this will be the first lube and clean and I have been shooting dirty WWB so I am fairly confident in my guns reliability

    Did I mention I love this gun...the hogue tool grip is wonderful and I put about 40 rounds in the heart 9 in the lungs and one in his left love handle...and that was at about 40 feet....not bad after 10+ years of not shooting.....

    One other bad thing though....I was thinking about how in a home defence capacity I would be holding a flash light high up out to the side with my left hand and single handed shooting with my right (I like the whole, keep the bullet magnet away from my head concept and I have to be able to identify my targets as I have a kid, lady friends and roommates) and I sucked donkey balls...I put 50 rounds in his stomach, love handles and a couple in his arms.....

    But again great gun and damn sexy....now if I can just get a silencer and a red head I'd be the man....
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    You said the "C" word!!!!

    :oops: :oops: :oops:

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    LOL :)

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    Indeed, the C word is the key to limbering up new sticky guns :)
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    Another possibility which may or may not help, I have found with my Steyr's that I need to make sure that I am pulling the trigger straight back and not using just the very tip of my finger and putting a slight angle on my pull. That will result in the trigger safety not going straight back, but rather, snagging on the groove it slides in, causing a click similar to what you describe. I have pretty short fingers and I actually need to rotate my grip counterclockwise slightly to insure I get my trigger finger further around on the face of the trigger.