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Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by MrApathy, Jun 18, 2006.

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    Increments, dribs and drabs, death of a thousand cuts--it will keep getting worse as long as people trade liberty for the illusion of security. Trouble is, we are preaching to the choir here. Gun owners are more concerned than most about BOR issues. Most people aren't concerned about wiretaps or kicking in doors, because they see themselves as law-abiding citizens who will never be on the receiving end of such tactics. In fact, they vote for politicians who promise to "get tough on crime". I know I have been guilty of thinking "Kick the door in and get those scum off the streets". The trouble is, at some point in time, something I consider a right may be classified as a crime. One has only to look at Great Britain to see how quickly a proud and independent people can surrender their rights to an over-protective welfare state. They are now setting up portable metal detectors to spot-check pedestrians for knives, even tiny little folders. Don't even think about owning a gun unless you are part of the landed gentry and hunt pheasants or red deer. They all had to turn in their registered pistols a few years back. Never happen here? I am beginning to think 1984 came in 2006.
    What course of action-- get politically involved with efforts to elect politicians who know the whole Bill of Rights, not jut the Second Amendment. And have a stockpile of at least 1000 rounds for your shtf rifle, because security begins at home.

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    Someone correct me if I am wrong, I beleive Benjamin Franklin said or wrote at some point in his life that (paraphrase): Anyone willing to trade freedom for security deserves neither. I have a lot of admiration and respect for law enforcement, however, I don't want to rely on them to protect me all the time, how can they.

    This ruling is troubling, but I can see the officer's point of view who is preparing to enter this room or house. That is why they train and practice hard, to be prepared for the worst case scenario. As cold as it seems, even the "bad guy" has rights. I don't want the "bad guys" rights to trump my rights, But when in doubt, I default to freedom.

    There is a reason I beleive the second ammendment is "SECOND".
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    "You can have peace or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both"

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    The older I get, the wiser that man is.

    Minus the sexual weirdness he had going on.. of course..
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    All I know is, that the older I get the more I relish and understand how important our freedoms are and it seems that a common sense approach to having a balance between the two is slanting more to the security side. This may just be a sign of the times contributed with the fact I actually am more involved with following politacal agenda's today than I did 20 years ago, thus more aware. If you ask 20 different people their opinion on this, you most likely would get 20 different answers.

    I am glad to hear about the court decision on the left coast upholding the 2nd Amendment rights challenge for San Francisco residents, thanks to the NRA. I know it is just one battle, but the war is never over. I don't want the bad guys to be the only ones armed. :x

    So hope is not lost.

    "Endeaver to persevere" :p (Little Big Man)