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.45 caliber Steyr?

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Since we know the good people at Steyr are reading this forum, I'd like to make a suggestion that I hinted at on another thread.

How about making the M in .45 GAP? Either that, or introduce the rumored L model in .45 ACP.

Anybody besides me want one?

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I agree with Jim. I have been collecting and shooting handguns (and long guns) for several years, and have handguns in nearly every caliber (more than one in some cases), but I am beginning to see the wisdom of allowing one or two calibers to dominate.

I have partial boxes of cartridges in different calibers and configurations (JHP, FMJ, etc.) stacked in range boxes and bags that I have to sort through whenever I go to the range. It would be much easier to narrow it down to two (say 9mm and .45 ACP). Unfortunately I have a policy (not always strictly enforced) that, if I touch it, I keep it. That means the collection keep growing rather than shrinking.

I tell my wife it is an investment. So far, so good. It helps that she's a shooter, too.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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