.45 caliber Steyr?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Mar 30, 2005.

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    Since we know the good people at Steyr are reading this forum, I'd like to make a suggestion that I hinted at on another thread.

    How about making the M in .45 GAP? Either that, or introduce the rumored L model in .45 ACP.

    Anybody besides me want one?

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    45acp for sure....

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    I second that!
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    +1 on .45ACP
    I'd rather not see one . .45GAP I'd be less likely to buy one in .45GAP
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    Is .45 a very popular or available cartridge overseas. Would that have any effect on what they'd sell. I think they'd sell a ton of them although I'm still wishing for a 9mm long slide.
  6. CGuns

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    I really want a 9mm long slide. Similar to a G17L in overall size...The G17L is wicked accurate. French GIGN shooters carry it and are happy shooting at targets at more than 50 yards with it and some claim accuracy to 100 yards. You won't catch me shooting a pistol at a target 100yards away, but, nice to know it can do so if necessary.

    The .45GAP, while interesting, is a waste IMHO.
    1. It is exotic
    2. It is expensive
    3. Not available around the world
    4. I do own guns in .45, but, I have a hard time beliecing that since th bullet is THIS MUCH: ..
    bigger than a 9mm it does exponentially more damage.
    I would rather have double the amount of rounds and world wide availability.

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    many years ago at SHOT I met with one of the M series designers.
    He said on paper they had a design in 45 acp that would use standard 1911 magazines

    That would be cool
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    To say that would be cool is a major understatement. I already have a pile of 1911 mags and I'd be first in line to get a Steyr 45acp that used them. 8O
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    I don't own any .45 ACP right now so I tend to think the .45 GAP would be a better choice. While they would have to beef up the slide some the frame could stay exactly the same which would get the gun into our hand a whole lot faster.
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    the gap is a glock round.. persay.. i thought we left the crib of GT and ventured off on our own guys.. i say ACP its more readily available.
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    I understand that if you don't have any, then getting one in either caliber wouldn't matter. But personally, I like interchangeability. I've stuck to 9mm for all of my modern pistols for several reasons, but one big one is that they all use the same ammo! If I were to venture into the world of .45, I'd stick with ACP. It's the "standard". I know .45 GAP has some advantages and it's relatively new, but I doubt it will ever see the wide acceptance that ACP has. That's going to keep it an expensive round, too.

    Maybe it's just because I don't like having to keep 6 different kinds of ammo on hand, but I'd prefer to keep things as standardized as possible.

    My $0.02....

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    OK, what are they?

    The "advantages" of the GAP cartridge, that is.....
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    Re: OK, what are they?

    I'm not a proponent (since I've never shot it), but here's a link that gives a pretty good comparison between ACP and GAP. I'll leave people to decide for themselves which round is better!


  14. DocChronos

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    I agree with Jim. I have been collecting and shooting handguns (and long guns) for several years, and have handguns in nearly every caliber (more than one in some cases), but I am beginning to see the wisdom of allowing one or two calibers to dominate.

    I have partial boxes of cartridges in different calibers and configurations (JHP, FMJ, etc.) stacked in range boxes and bags that I have to sort through whenever I go to the range. It would be much easier to narrow it down to two (say 9mm and .45 ACP). Unfortunately I have a policy (not always strictly enforced) that, if I touch it, I keep it. That means the collection keep growing rather than shrinking.

    I tell my wife it is an investment. So far, so good. It helps that she's a shooter, too.
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    Yep if they come out with an L or M45 put me down on the definite buy list too. Personally I'd prefer a double stack with 12-14 capacity rather than a 1911 mag but hey I ain't that picky - I have 1911 mags I'd be happy to use if that's what they go with. I'm not that much of a capacity hound to trun my nose up at 8+1.

    Keep the triangular sights from the M and S series, maybe even put the trigger guard manual safety back (say what you want I like the thing), keep the nice bore axis and the balance but make it accept .45 ACP and I think Steyr would have a bigtime winner in the US market - and for civilian firearms that's about the only market they need!
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    The only advantage to the .45GAP over the .45ACP is shorter OAL ... if a .45ACP will fit in the Steyr grip then I'd think it would sell better then .45GAP ... however if they have to redesign the pistol to fit the .45ACP cartridge in it and the .45GAP will work without a redesign then I'd say go for the .45GAP.

    But if they want to impress ME, then lets leave all this .45 silliness behind and build a 10mm :twisted:
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    Sweet! .41 Magnum performance in a Steyr would be great. It's sad that the 10mm seems to be in the final death throes. Back when I was shooting IPSC, .40 S&W was new (1992-1993) and so too was STI - they were building the reputation they have today. I bought a polymer STI 1911 frame and parts to make a convertible .40/10mm. My plan was to use the .40 barrel and slide for competition and the 10mm for carry. Alas, I graduated from college, and life happened - I sold the parts including the 10-18 round magazines - which right after the Clinton AWB ban sold for $175 a piece - you could say I did OK.

    Anyway - chalk me up for a sale on the .45 ACP Steyr. And make it high-cap (at least 12 like a USP).

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    My vote is for the GAP so that the dimensions stay the same.

  19. CGuns

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    .45GAP is going to end up exactly like 10mm and .357Sig

    Rare and Expensive to shoot. Albeit a decent caliber, with advantages, just like the above mentioned rounds.

    Someone spent the time to re-engineer a cartridge that has lasted the U.S. well over a century. Why? It is attempting to address an issue that was never there.

    9mm or .45acp for me only! Pretty common and doesn't cost $$$$ to shoot. Find it in most spots across the world, with .45acp being a little bit less common, but still available.

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    Personally I already have to buy 3 calibers of ammo. If I had a gun in .45GAP i'd probably rarely shoot it. The price would bigtime turn me off from spending much time at the range.