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40's Steyr halfstock 30.06

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Hi folks - new to this group... because....

I am in the process of acquiring a 40's classic Steyr Halfstock (re) chambered for 30.06 - (not sure if it was originally chambered for that...) The gun is reportedly in excellent condition and hasn't been shot for 30 or more years.

I have not personally seen the gun, but a picture was posted for me to view, confirming that at least it "looks" good.

Question - instead of the butterknife lever for the bolt action, it has the Mauser-like ball... Does anyone here know if this says anything about the age of the gun?

Another question - I am paying less than $500 for it - sight unseen - How big is the chance that I am being ripped off?

If this works, here is a picture...:

Any and all comments, opinions and advice is welcomed.

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