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.40 S&W Factory Ammo Chronograph Results

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Folks - I finally got a chance to chronograph a bunch of .40 S&W factory ammo through my Steyr M40 (4 inch barrel). I did this in a rush prior to shooting an IDPA match last Thursday night, so the results aren't as thorough as I'd like. These were five round strings, so we're not talking statistical excellence here. ;)

Where the results look like XXX/XX/XX, that's average velocity/extreme spread/standard deviation. When I had an obviously bad reading, I eliminated it and SWAGed an average velocity.

Winchester Ranger 155 grain JHP: 1199/32/13 (FWIW, this is my carry load for this gun.)
Hornady 155 grain JHP: 1115/24/9
Speer Gold Dot 155 grain JHP: 1170
Winchester SXT 165 grain JHP: 1055 (ES=6!)
Winchester Silvertip 155 grain JHP: 1153/62/25
Remington Golden Sabre 165 grain JHP: 1096/24/9
Winchester White Box 165 grain JFP: 996/10/4

All of these rounds fed and functioned without problem. I didn't do any accuracy work due to time constraints. Just FYI...
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Good work! Always nice to see a forum member do a service for the community. Thanks for donating your time and results!
Folks - Just FYI - I chronoed three more loads from Federal in my 4" Steyr M40. The following are the results of one 10 round string. Data is expressed as average velocity/ES/SD.

155 grain Hi-Shok: 1155/25/8
180 grain Hi-Shok: 962/19/6
165 grain Expanding Full Metal Jacket (EFMJ): 958/28/8

Those single-digit SDs are nice. The EFMJ load is supposed to be a 1100+ fps load, but ended up being way less. The 155 grain load is actually faster than factory specs, while the 180 grain load is 38 fps slower.

I also chronoed a handload with 185 grain Precision bullets and 4.4 grains of Bullseye, using Federal 100 primers, and loaded to 1.13" OAL. Three strings, the only difference is brass:

Federal: 889/27/8
R-P: 883/36/10
Winchester: 892/15/4

IMO, segregating brass by headstamp would be a serious waste of time, at least with my gun. ;)
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