.376 STEYR ProHunter "Alaska"

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by olli9022, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. olli9022

    olli9022 Steyr Mannlicher Representative

    Hi folks,
    what do you think: would a STEYR ProHunter in .376Steyr (stainless and camo stock) as a special edition with an engraving "Alaska" be a good choice? How many of you out there would buy such a rifle, for let's say USD 1400,-
    Or is a Pro Hunter in .450 Marlin even better? (the new Big Bore).
    Please let me know your opinion.
  2. p230

    p230 New Member

    I would not mind having a Stery in .376 but would certanly not pay that much for one. Some engraving and a camo stock would not justify that price. My two Steyrs (one in 30.06 and one in 6.5X55) were way less than that. The other concern is lack of other rifles in .376. I am considering building a custom rifle in .376 but am not convinced yet do to the possibility of ammo being discontinued.