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357Sig bbl. Range Report

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I got my IGB 357SIG bbl for the LE Steyr M40. It fit perfect and the target that came with it was great. They stated they shot 5 rounds of S&B 357Sig 140gr bullets. I've not seen any 357Sig fractory ammo in that weight but I'm sure there is some.

Anyway, so far as the range report. The IGB didn't like my reloads and FTF or FTE 2 or 3 times per magazine. For some reason the Glock and the XD eat them up the Sig 239 with the 357 Sig KKM barrel acted the same way as the IGB. The IGB barrel didn't have any problems with factory ammo and never failed a single time, must have a tighter chamber that the Glock or the XD. Accurary was not as good as the M40. I was shooting National Bullet Co. 155gr. copper washed (((( not plated or full metal jacket)))) over 7.5gr of AA#5 and got groups of less than 1 3/4 in from sand bag at 25yards. The S40 w/hardchrome slide did as well as the M40. ---- Several guys at the range couldn't believe the guns were that accurate until they shot them themselves. It put a shame on the XD service model and Glock 23 but the Sig P239 was as accurate with the load as the Steyr.

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I know that 357sig recoil in the sig 229 is pretty harsh ( on the frame). How did it feel on with the Steyr? did it feel like the slide slammed back hard, or did the recoil system obsorb the energy enough?
My understanding is that IGB makes a nice barrel. If accuracy is better with an IGB I may just have to try it.
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