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357 Sig bbl

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I understand the Steyr M40 was the first pistol on the market, then the M9.
I'm new to the Steyr as I've been a Glock owner (8) and have a 357Sig bbl for my G35 also my G23. My duty gun is a Glock 22 .40 short & weak.LOL
Due to the fact the M40 was first do both M40 & M9 use the same frame and is it possible to install a 357Sig bbl in a M9. I know in the Glock the orginal weapon must be a 40S&W to install the Sig bbl, but don't know much about the Steyr other than what I've read.

Thanks, any info would be helpful.
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40 to 357 = ok...9mm to 357 = no go

Don't think you can convert a M9 to an M357 without purchasing an entirely new barrel and slide assembly.......which is more than a new gun on its own....probably be better off buying a new M357a1...if you can find one.
a 9mm barrell has a smaller OUTSIDE diamater as well, hence a .40 or .357 barrell would not fit through the slide.

I've checked.

now conversley a 9mm barell could be made w/ extra thick walls to match the diamater of a .40 to fit in a .40/.357 slide. I seem to remember there being one from IGB but did not see it on their list last time i went looking for it. While the slide is identical on the outside the difference is the diamter of the hole the barrel comes out (what is the gun jargon term for this anyway).

frames are completely interchangerable (except obviously a M or S, but even those you can swap the action subassemblies).
I know where there are a few 357 sig M"A1"'s
In addition to the diameter being different between a M9 and M357 or M40 slide, there are differences in the ejection port dimensions and cut outs within the slide that changes the weight of the slides.
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