357-10-45-22 range report

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    Back home in Rockingham, NC, on New Year’s Day, I went to my son’s house out in the woods near Pinehurst, NC, where we have a home range set up and had more fun than the law oughta allow, shooting a bunch of pistols. I hope what they say is true about what you do on the first day of the New Year is what you’ll do all year, ‘cause I sure started 2008 off right.

    I carried my M357-A1, G29 10mm and Kel-Tec PF-9 in addition to my new-to-me Colt Huntsman .22, new S&W 22-A1 and my Walther P-22.

    My son was shooting his Ruger P345 .45 ACP, my 10-year-old grandson was shooting “his” Ruger .22 Magnum Single Six revolver and my son’s father-in-law joined us with his Kimber Ultra CDP II .45 ACP. I got to shoot his Kimber for a few mags. What a sweet little 3”-barrel shooter that is! Too pricey for me, but it sure is a treat to shoot such a fine pistol. Supposedly has a 4-lb. trigger, but it’s the lightest, crispest 4 lbs. I’ve ever shot.

    All three shot my M357-A1 and G29 (including my grandson Logan, who’s not afraid of the Big Bad Glock) and also tried out all three of my .22s. Everybody's favorite was the S&W 22-A1 with that great, big green Hi-Viz glow-in-the-dark front sight.

    I started with a mag of 15 in my M357-A1, aimed at the BG's nose, rapid fire, 25 feet:

    Down low, here's a definite "low blow," 10 G29 10's, aimed at the crotch:

    Here’s three targets from my .22 pistol shooting, one from the Colt Huntsman:

    One from the S&W 22-A1:

    And last, one from the Walther P-22 just as it got almost too dark for my camera-phone.

    We burned up about 300 rds. of CCI Mini-Mags over about three hours shooting all three .22 pistols, plus about 75 357 Sig rounds and about 75 10mms that I brought and God only knows how many .45 ACP rounds. A lot. I burned a couple of 9mm mags in my PF-9, but with all those other fun pistols to shoot nobody else was interested in firing my pocket pistol. It's a fine BUG, but hardly anybody in their right mind would call it fun to shoot.

    I forsee a whole lot more .22 pistol shooting in my future. Lots of fun and a whole lot cheaper shooting than buying 357 Sig or 10mm ammo, not to mention 9mm and .45 ACP, too. I’d almost forgot how much fun .22 pistol shooting can be.

    I’ve already ordered the nice, fat wooden grip made by S&W for the 22-A1, which I’m expecting will make it even more fun to shoot. Now I gotta find me a ‘scope for my S&W 22-A1 that will sit high enough on the Weaver rail to let me see that big green Hi-Viz dot underneath it. It just don’t get no better than this. I love my five “big caliber” pistols, but I really love my two target .22s even more (and the P22, too). :mrgreen: