.308 win ssg04 cant stabilize the factory lapua subsonic ammo!?!?

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by zsodan, May 22, 2012.

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    (sry for my poor english)

    So i just bought a brand new ssg04 .308 win with 23.6" barrel (four groove 1:10" RH twist) and its cant stabilize the factory lapua ammo (without supressor), with normal ammo its just shoot perfect. I tought the barrel maybe damaged or somthing and i gave it to a gunsmith and he said no problem with it. I have no idea whats the problem? Someone plz help who have some experience with this rifle and lapua subsonic combination.
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    If I am correct the SSG04 has a 1:12" twist rate. You should not have a problem stabilizing bullets up to 185gr. Lapua subsonic ammo is exactly that; subsonic and 200gr. You cannot stabilize any bullet below 1140fps. no matter what gun you are shooting.

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    Wollygong is right. Another issue you might be dealing with is that the blast baffle (the first baffle in the suppressor) has a symmetrical surface that strips and deflects the bottle-shaped blast of high-pressure gas that envelops and pursues the exiting bullet flight. Also the weight of a heavy steel unit tied to the center and end of your rifle barrel also dampens much of the barrel vibration and harmonics. Those things are missing when your firing the gun with it. Since the rounds are subsonic and the bullet is too heavy, and there is no suppressor to neutralize that bottle shaped turbulent gas blast, your bullets are being overly affected by the blast pressure because the velocity is too slow. If you fire standard velocity rounds without the suppressor it will likely shoot well. If you fire the sub's, you'll need that suppressor to stabilize those bullets.
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    From everything I've read and tried with subsonics , it takes a 1 in 8" twist to stabilize heavier bullets. I have a Rem. 700 PLT that will group around 1 1/4" at a hundred yds. with subsonic 167 gr. bullets. This is with an AAC Cyclone on the rifle. I guess the question here is What is your definition of " stabilize " as related to accuracy ?
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    You can stabilize a 190 gr SMK or even a 208 gr Amax, but you have to push them fast enough to impart enough rotational momentum The Lapua is going to require a 1:8 twist.

    The same problem exists when shooting reduced loads in something line an 8x57 Mauser; it is hard to find even a supersonic load which is accurate, especially with a 200 gr bullet. Bump the MV up to 2500 and, presto!, - groups shrikn
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    Did you try it w flash hinder off? In addition, did you chrono the 308 Lapua to see the speed? It might still be close enough to sonic speed.