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    I dont believe persian rulers thought they were Gods infact according to the history channel special the story of the persian ruler is exactly the opposite. The history channel was also quick to point out that Xerxes was a fair and just king and the campaign against Greece vilifies him when it was not the case. They would conquer lands keeping the local government infrastructure in place and giving freedom of religion to the conquered land's people.

    The story of 300 in frank miller's movie is very loosely based on what actually happened and is geared towards more a good movie going/comic experience than actual history.
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    the order of kingship is the belief that the ruling classes actually decended from the gods, yes plural.

    this belief continued into medieval europe and is the basis for kingship in most countries east and west even today! :wink:

    this belief in the rights of kingship dates back to sumer ....one of the oldest recorded civilizations.

  3. Fair and just?

    They supported that statement by saying that Xerxes allowed conquered areas to retain their local government, but come on that was just an easy route for the Persians in maintaining order. Thats why the Persian army was so large, because the bulk of their soldiers were conscripts from conquered lands, which is why King Leonidas in the movie talks about free men vs. slaves.

    If the Persians didn't get money and soldiers from those areas they came in and killed everybody.

    So, "fair and just?" I don't think so.

    The Persians were brutal people looking to expand their Empire and strengthen their grip on those nations already under them.
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    I dont want to go research this thing and argue with you guys......go email the history channel about this.......if i am asked to believe what a couple of dudes on a forum tell me over the doctors and researchers at the history channel guess who i am going with.....

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    looks like I'm going to have to see it (hate to give Hollywood my money)