2nd Range Report For M40A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Ru_Fae, May 8, 2005.

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    Put another two hundred rounds downrange with my steyr. Had two issues that concerned me. I had three instances of two rounds being fired with one pull of the trigger. It happened to me once and my buddy twice. I also had the trigger fail to go all the way forward into the reset position 4 times. I could manually push the trigger forward and it would fire but it was odd to feel like you were pulling the trigger and not have the gun go bang. All rounds fired were winchester white box 180 gr. I would greatly apprecieate any advice in fixing these problems. I'm still getting used to the trapazoidal sights. I can keep a consistent group but all my shots either go left or low. I guess I'm still trying to find a grip on the gun that works for me because I can keep all my shots in the 10 ring with my 1911 at the same distance of 21 feet. Happy mothers day everyone.

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    remove subassebly per tutorial and clean the trigger area.
    Also remove the firing pin per the tuorial and clean it out.

    Look for some kind of brass or metal chip/flake in one of those two areas, that has caused the doubling and no reset issues before (though not both that I'm aware of).

    It is extremely rare that chips/flakes can make there way into either of these areas, if you do find some it's just a fluke, but if it happens again and you find more then you have a problem.

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    well that gub completely locked up, but yes when you take it down to subassemblies look for wear/cracks everywhere.