2nd hand range report and CZ/Caracal question

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    So I was awoken this afternoon (worked night shift in ED last night) by my twin brother who could not stop RAVING about the Steyr Ma1 40 S&W I made him buy. He went on for minutes and said after the very first shot he was a fan and "in love." I am still waiting for mine to show up by mid February. So now I am even more gitty to get my firearm. He said the recoil is non existent and is almost as light as our V-ported XD 9's. He, my dad and our uncle Kirk LOVE the trap sights! The only complaint was the elevation at distance can be tough but they are excited to take them to Front Sight Nevada and run them through a Master Prep course.

    One question: My twin and I ended up with the 40's that we paid $500 for from Cabelas, Lehi, Utah. The rest in my group ended up with the "Hybrid" Steyr 9's for $379. They said there is a VERY noticable difference in the triggers. They say every 9 is grainy and not nearly as BUTTER-SMOOTH as the 40's. So all three 9's are gritty and not very smooth trigger wise, but the 40's are PERFECT. My brother installed BT's guide rods and his cups. He said his 40 had less trigger pull and was smoother without the cups... but I will have to do my own testing regarding the cups. So the Question: Anyone ever experience this? I was going to recommend the BT articles regarding polishing etc... Just thought I would ask for some thoughts.

    Question 2: So now that I delivered with my promise that they would not regret their Steyr purchases... they asked me to find the next best kept secret.... So What is it? We are interested in the CZ.... but which model??? Or the Caracal... They JUST sold the last one today at my local store... I went to the store to snatch it up just 5 minutes ago!!! GONE! Anyhow I personally did not like the backstrap of the Caracal...so was hoping/waiting they would fix it or give us removable backstraps like XD or M&P's. But who know's if they will. I read the review regarding the Shadow... is that the model I should look at first or should I go Caracal? Both I know is the best option so since I probably will in the future... which CZ would you guys point me towards.

    THANK YOU all for your help. I appreciate it.

    Dr. Dr.
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    The CZP07 Duty will likely be my next purchase. Feels fantastic, has gotten great reviews (See Nutnfancy's video review on youtube) and for some reason, despite the madness - seems readily available nearly everywhere for $499 or less. I'd go for the 9mm but a 40 S&W is available....


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    The PO7 is accurate and will eat any ammo you throw in it. In hand it won't look as refined as a Steyr because it's not. It does however make up for it in spades with accuracy and bull-dog reliability. If you really want to get a bad case of CZitis buy the 75Comapact in either steel or aluminum framed versions. The steel compact is a tad heavy for all-day carry but will shoot lights-out right out of the box. The CZs(except the PO7) are bringing stupid prices right now. As much as I like them I won't pay $150-250 more for one than what it cost 4 months ago. The same 75C I paid $475 for is now easily getting $700. Not me. I'll buy a M9-A1 and a couple extra mags first. Steyr is the premier polymer handgun going now(take a Zanex you Glock lovers!). My S9-A1 beats my G19 in every erea except mag capacity. I can't speak for Caracal since they're AWOL at this time.
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    I just recently purchased a M40-A1. The main reason was the trigger, smooth, light, with miniscule reset and then the ergonomics. On mine I don't ever see changing the trigger, it is already a very smooth light pull and doesn't have to be any lighter in a carry pistol.

    CZs are very special, I have a P-07 and a SP-01. If you want a carry gun, then the P-07, P-01 or several others may be the best choice. Now for a range/bedside gun and a gun to carry when you are feeling robust, then the SP-01 (Shadow if you can find one, it is a little lighter). In reality it doesn't matter much since all models are incredibly difficult to find, especially the smaller compact carry models. For some reason the P-07 seems to be the easiest to find right now and is a great gun for $500.00, but once that boat from the Czech Re[public gets here there may be some more to choose from. The bigger version of the P-07 (a P-09) will be a hot seller if and when it ever gets here and the govt doesn't screw everything up.
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