250 rounds later...

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by BadAndy, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. BadAndy

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    and no more FTEs after SAI replaced the extractor, pin and spring! :party:

    I am now 100% confident in the abilities of my M40-A1 and trust my life behind it. I've also started improving my accuracy in a strange way. I seem to do a bit better by not lining up the sites and focusing on them, just focus on the X with the top site slightly out of focus.

    Now it's time to start reloading because I've blown through 700 of the 1k rounds I got a month or so ago.
  2. Garys4598

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    Thanks for posting the good news BadAndy. I haven't yet had the opportunity to fire my M40-A1 since its return from Jeff at SAI.... so hearing that yours is now essentially 100% reliable allows me to breath easier.


  3. babj615

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    Two of my Steyrs should be back in my hands early this week, so I will be shooting the piss out of 'em in no time....

    Range report will follow....

  4. Yup pain the butt to have to ship the whole pistol in just for the new extractor, but hey still not a bad overall investment considering what you end up with.

    The new MSRP for Steyr MA1 is like $660.00 so most folks that got the cdnn batch are still coming out ahead.
  5. BadAndy

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    I realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy wish they would make an M45-A1!!! It would be perfect if it was the same size as my M40 even if it only held 10 rounds. It's sad to say but I would probably retire my M40 if they made one of those.
  6. thedr

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    I had the same extraction problems with my M9-A1. I called Jeff and he is sending me the spring,plunger and extractor to do it myself. It is so easy to do. I couldn't see sending the gun in for this small job.
    I got my M9 A-1 NIB for $400.00