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I found an old used Ruger mKII at a shop the other day. It's the older model, it looks just like this one, with the mag release at the butt of the grip, old style grip panels, and it wasn't tapped for a scope mount. It did come with four mags and I'd say it's at about 92% give or take a little. They wanted $250 for it, I was thinking about offering them $200 for it some time next week. Is the $250 a fair price? Also I've heard Rugers are a PITA to break down, how true is that and what's the difference between breaking down a Mk II and a Buckmark (which is my first choice really)? Also I've seen some picks posted of some Mk II with red dots that have scope mount that lock around the barrel. Where can those be found and for how much. The only ones I can find online are the rails the screw into the top of the gun. Are the older Ruger mk II any better/worse than the new ones? Should I just save the $100 and go with a new Buckmark, seeing as I can't find any good used ones?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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