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$250 is okay for that gun. Not terrible and not a great price either. You can see that nobody bid on it on GB. I was in the market for a Ruger a couple months ago. I had some familiarity with MkII and MkIII versions and I went with a MkII. I got a model KMK678GC (Govt. Target Comp.) that was lightly used, I'd say it was 97-98%, for $300. Not a truly incredible price for that gun, but quite a bit less than the equivalent model in MkIII form. The 678GC is, I'm pretty sure, the only MkII that came factory drilled for a scope mount, whereas many of the new MkIII models are drilled. If the pistol you decide on isn't factory drilled, you can get a SoLow mount that clamps on. They go for about $40 IIRC, go to Another option would be to have a gunsmith do the drilling for you.

As for the MkII versus MkIII, the big differences are the loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect. I have read internet rumor of the LCI possibly causing an unintentional discharge, although I have not read any first hand accounts from anybody who experienced this. I don't like the LCI simply because it's one more part than is necessary for the function of the gun, but I could live with it if I had to.

The mag disconnect on the MkIII makes it so you can't pull the trigger unless there's a mag in the gun. This primarily comes into play during reassembly, because at one point you'll have to pull the trigger to get the hammer and hammer spur in the proper orientation before trying to insert the mainspring housing. For somebody new to these Rugers, the first couple times you reassemble will be fun enough without having to worry whether there's a mag in the gun or not! The main thing that gets people with the reassembly, whether it's MkII or MkIII, is making sure the little hammer spur is properly aligned before you reinsert the MSH. Once you get this, it's a piece of cake. I don't really like the LCI and mag disconnect, but I wouldn't let them be deal breakers if I found a screaming price on a MkIII. Likewise, some folks selling well-used MkIIs have inflated opinions of what their pistols are worth because they lack these features. Considering there are still some NIB MkIIs floating around, I've seen some pretty outlandish prices (mostly at gun shows).

BTW, dis- and re-assembly of a II or III will require a small plastic mallet to tap the barrel off of the frame. Despite what you may see online, you shouldn't whack the muzzle crown to reattach the barrel; you should place the muzzle on a cushioned surface and do your tapping on the back side of the frame instead.

I wasn't trying to pimp the 678GC as the be-all end-all either. Some people find the 6 7/8" barrel too front-heavy. A lot of guys I know shoot the KMK512 (5 1/2" barrel). Many also prefer the 22/45, which as previously mentioned, has a different grip angle. This was to make it feel more like the grip angle on 1911 .45s that so many are accustomed to shooting, hence the 22/45 model name.

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