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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 15, 2005.

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    Does anyone know if there is a 22 conversion for the M series?
  2. RangerM9

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    not yet

    so far as we have seen, there is no 22 conversion available....and we have looked pretty hard to find out all we can on these guns.

  3. FlaChef

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    allow me on my soapbox again....

    Steyr, please make a .22 pistol styled after the m/s series to compete w/ the walther p-22 which has taken over the 22 market. This would be a great way to get your name on the market and give us steyroids a great cheap platform for practice.
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    I believe P22 sales will slip as the new Sig Mosquito has just become available. It will likely be THE DA/SA 22lr pistol of choice.
  5. madecov

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    If Steyr could deliver an M22 at a lower price than the Sig or Walther it would go a long way to getting Steyr out in the marketplace.
  6. RangerM9

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    is the Mosquito going to compete price wise with the p22?...i can pick a p22 up for about $225-240 just about any day....down around $200 when they go on sale....I just doubt Sig will be that low of a price.....but i may be dead wrong...
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    I've been wanting to get a .22 DA/SA for my wife to encourage her to shoot more. A Steyr .22 would be kick-ass for sure, but with their typical new model introduction cycle I don't think I'll hold my breath and probably get a P22.

    Maybe this should be another thread, but can someone please explain the Sig phenomenon to me. I actually own a P228, but the only reason is because my wife likes it. The more I shoot it, however, the less I get it.

    IMHO, the cons are:

    1. Ultra-High bore axis - resulting in maximum muzzle flip and slower shot-to-shot time
    2. Poor standard finishes that wear quickly and are not very corrosion resistant
    3. Very high price
    4. Relatively large size for capacity

    The pros IMHO are:

    1. Build quality - excellent fit
    2. Durability - they last forever
    3. Accuracy - some claim they are among the most accurate 9mms
    4. Trigger - smooth (albeit heavy) DA, and light crisp SA

    For a DA/SA with decocker, IMHO the CZ P-01 is miles ahead with smaller form factor, much lower bore axis and nearly half the price.

    Somebody enlighten me!
  8. Matches

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    I just did a quick search and found the Mosquito. The price was $389 with impactarms, but they are out of stock til june. I'm looking for a .22 but over $400 out the door is a little too much for a .22 imho.

  9. FlaChef

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    you did it yourself
  10. RangerM9

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    find a nice gently used Buckmark

    used Buckmark...will keep you well under $400...probably more like around $200.....bought mine used about 8 years ago...has worked just fine...an occasional failure to feed, but as a plinker...not a prob....you are not going to count on a .22 to save your life right?