2 Failures At Range Tonight

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Apr 13, 2005.

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    This is my second time firing my M9. The first time, I fed 50 WWB 115 grain JHPs with no failures. Tonight, I fired 50 Remington UMC FMJs I had one failure to extract and the gun wanted to feed another round into the chamber. I also fired about 100 WWB FMJs, and after feeding one round the slide did not ompletely return to battery. Both failures were easily cleared, but I'm not sure if its me or the gun that caused the second failure. I'll probably chalk the first failure up to the Remington ammo that so many on this forum seem to have problems with.
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    If you purchased your M9 NIB then you should have cleaned it out thoroughly before attempting any shooting with it.

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    I've never had good luck with UMC and I've put over 5000 rds of WWB through 6 different pistols and never had a FTF or FTE.

    Don't takt this the wrong way....but any chance that you're limp wristing a bit? That might explain the failure to return to battery.

    If you have more FTE, you might also want to consider a detailed cleaning of the extractor and channel.

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    Lately I've been having problems with FTE's (Doubling) on my PT111 Pro with the WWB115gr but no issues with the 124gr WWB. Seems like the 115Gr stuff is lacking in the power department. But I can't say for sure since that gun only has 250 rounds through it so I don't consider it broken in yet.
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    People keep complaining about Remington UMC, but in the past 4 days I've shot 250 rounds of it (115 grain UMC Green Box) through my S9 without a single hiccup. I've had about 750 more rounds of WWB also with no problems whatsoever.

    I definitely recommend the disassembly of the slide and cleaning the extractor and surfaces where the extractor goes. I did mine the other day and it had some dried up gunk that could only be removed once the parts were out of the gun.

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    The gun was cleaned thoroughly before firing the first time and was cleaned again after my first trip to the range.
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    Not taken the wrong way. I did mention that it might have been my fault, and I may have limp wristed on the failure to return to battery problem. I didn't think so at the time, but it is a possibility. I'll thoroughly clean the gun again before my next trip to the range. My outdoor range is closed until next month, and the indoor range at my club is only open 2 nights a week (and limited to 25 yard shots only) so I don't know if I'll make it out in the next couple of weeks...
  8. I have a QUESTION about limp wristing and malfunctions with the Steyr.

    Does the Steyr low bore axis have anything to do with the problem of limp wristing causing a malfunction?

    Personally, I have never limp wristed I guess because I've never had a problem with my M-40 to fire, but then again I don't tend to shoot more then 100-200 rounds when I go the range. Do people limp wrist from fatigue caused from firing so many rounds?
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    Fatigue can cause someone who doesn't normaly limpwrist to do so. Others just do it because their new, or at least new to the ligthweight polymer pistols.

    No it has more to do w/ their not being enough weight in the FRONT end of the pistol. Polymer pistols are when this became a big issue.

    Also if the ratio of spring weight (force needed to compress the spring, and conversly the force it comes back w/) to enegry produced by a given round is to low (such as the "tuned" "raceguns" that can only fire a specific type of ammo) it will not cycle all the way. By allowing it to flip up too much you are robbing it of the energy it needs to return all the way to battery.

    On metal guns the front end weight helps keep them down, the lighter polymers, especially the steyrs (being esentially all compact models) require the shooter to keep them down by locking the wrist.

    If anything the sharp grip angle and low bore axis are the features that reduce muzzle flip so much compared to say a Glock, USP, or XD. But those are generally bigger guns (in their fullsize incarnations as compared to M series anyway). and so have more weight out front.

    At least this is what i gather form reading so much gun stuff lately. Someone plz correct if I'm wrong.