1st Range Trip with New to Me M40

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Had a chance to shoot 100 rounds with the M40 I picked up last week. When I got the gun I gave it a good scrub down and lubed it up good with my new favorite gun oil Blue Wonder Disotec.

    Everything functioned perfectly no FTF or FTE. Shot normal groups for my skill level and actually shot it a little better than my normal carry piece - Sig P229 SAS.

    Ammo used was:
    Winchester White Box FMJ 165gr 50 rounds
    American Eagle FMJ 155gr 50 rounds

    Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase and with a little more confidence building range time this may become my daily concealed carry choice.
  2. Wulf

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    Good onya, *54 :p

    Welcome to the Club. Keep at it and keep in touch.


  3. nixon

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    Do you mind giving your serial number - at least the first 3 numbers to protect your privacy. I'm just wondering if the problems others are having has anything to do with certain production batch. Mine is in the 567xx as I recall I will look later to be sure. In my observation after firing some 120 rounds of 180, 185 grains bullet weight, my M40-a1 doesn't like it. Aaccuracy was poor wit one FTE with my own reload ammo. I just ordered some factory 155 and 165 grainers and we'll see what happens with mine. I have a feeling that it will have good results just like yours.
  4. bigtaco

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    just to let you know nixon. it seems VERY common that steyrs start hiccuping at 110-120 rounds in a single session.

    seriously. happens all the time. someone says their gun started jamming and asks why. upon further questioning, turns out the jamming didn't happening until AFTER 110 rounds had been fired.

    this has become statistically significant to me and doesn't seem to be particular to a serial number range.

    i've fired 250 rounds in a day on more than a few occassions, and never had it happen to me. so i went way over 1000 rounds without cleaning, (not even a barrel swap or a breech wipe) and still didn't have any malfs. stopped counting, shot some more, didn't think twice about doing matches and leagues. the dang thing would not screw up. so i cleaned it cause i was getting dirty when i touched it.

    if your gun screwed up at every 110th round consistently, but never before, i still wouldn't hesitate to use it as a carry piece. very few 110 round gun fights. unless you get two guys with calicos... and astigmatism... and nothing better to do. :wink:

    shooting two ipsc matches in a day? better plan on cleaning between.

    if you have only shot 180 rounds total, your gun is still working in. give it til 600 rounds before worrying about anything.

    as far as ammo, my s40 sprays 180s like wulf reading a joke with coffee in his mouth. on the other hand, i can pretty much put a hole where ever i want with 165s.
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    My serial number is quite low...in the 8000's and is a 1st gen. M - not M-A1. If your piece is used I would suggest a detailed breakdown and cleaning to rule out malfunctions due to any kind of residue. Other than that, I am certainly no expert on these guns, although I love mine. Which really pisses off my buddy who is a GLOCK law enforcement rep :lol: .
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    thanks guys for your responses. I will surely report back as soon as I have test fired the Winchester usa 165 and I also got Hornady 155 xtp for possible defensive round choice. I'm mulling over joining IDPA with the M40=A1 since there are after market holsters now available. Have not shot a match for quite sometime since I got tired of shooting my 38 super race gun in USPSA matches here in the Bay Area and sold it eventually. Actually, got tired of picking up other shooters brass and re-setting up targets.

    Bigtaco = have you tried shooting IDPA with your M40 ?
  7. FlaChef

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    on the 110 round hiccup...
    Once I took the S9 out of the safe to go shoot some IDPA (had been shooting M40 for about a month) and had some FTE's after about 80 or so rounds. Sitting for that long after having been lubed w/ a very light oil (Remoil, which I've since heard has a bit of a rep for runnign out of the gun) the gun was nearly dry when i inspected it after the match.

    As long as I lube up before a really long range session (200 rounds or more) it is fine, I also now use a heavier oil (10W40). Either way when it is on the dry side I still feel good about getting 5-6 mags out of it befre the lack of lube cathces up to it.

    It's not so much that steyrs need to be kept especialy clean, it's more that they need to be oiled like a 1911 (generously). IMHO
  8. bigtaco

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    that's an excellent point. i'm always sure to lube up before any range session. and my gun never screws up, so that could be one of the reasons why.

    i've shot idpa with both my s 40 and my m9. the m9 is better because of it's heavier mass and lighter caliber lessening recoil.

    i prefer ipsc. the production class means you don't have to have the race gun to have fun. best thing they ever did if you ask me. it brought me into a sport that i wouldn't have been able to afford to enter if the "fee" is a race gun.
  9. revchuck

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    A way to avoid this is to use grease, which stays put. It just takes a little bit on the slide rail guides, some on the barrel hood, and if you're feeling radical, some around the outside of the barrel. Cycle the slide a few times, wipe off the excess, and you're good to go.

    Use the stuff made for guns that comes in a syringe, not the stuff you pack your wheel bearings with. ;) I use Slide Glide Lite, from http://www.brianenos.com, but all of them work about the same.
  10. bigtaco

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    i had a thought on the 110-120 round hiccup.

    it could be that people who experience this are cleaning and lubing the gun, then letting it sit in a safe for a couple of weeks. during this time, some lubes made to evaporate and leave a film, evaporate and leave a film. the film left is insufficeint to provide neccessary lubrication. doesn't turn into a problem until the gun is thoroughly heated up and the lube remaining has been wiped completely off the bearing surfaces.

    grease would definitely fix this. but i always take the slide off and squirt a little lube in before i head out for an extended range session.

    i don't let my carry gun go very long at all between shooting/ cleaning, lubing it, so this doesn't present any worry or concern to me personally.

    but people who notice this hiccuping might try a light lube of the gun has sat around unused for a while.
  11. West01

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    That make sense Bigtaco. The only FTE with my M9-A1 happened around 120 rounds. The pistol was cleaned at 100 round (before) and I use the G96 light oil for lube. I was left it the safe for about a mount before the second visit at the range. The pistol was pretty dry by then. Also I need to mention that it was one of these really warm summer day (high nineties). That G96 is good stuff but now I know that I have to prep the gun before the range.

    Since then, from recommendations from fellow shooters, I use some Tetra grease on the slide grooves and the barrel lock block. My M9 has about now swallowed 1100 round with no hiccup (I'm starting to loose count):) . This pistol may brake my reliability record from my old Ruger P95. The only difference is that with my M9, I can hit the bull eyes. :lol:

    This is it!.. I'm getting an M40-A1.


    West01 :D
  12. Thunderbear

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    Or, if using WD40, as I understand it's a laquer type lube that builds up as it dries. I did that, once. :eek:
  13. bigtaco

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    yeah thunderbear, wd-40 has issues and animals all it's own.

    wd-40 has a good rep for being handy for all kinds of things. and it is. the build-up is the left overs after all the other stuff in wd-40 evaporates.

    the more that i've researched it and talked to people who know, like chemical engineers, the more that i've come to the conclusion that wd-40 is basically refined diesel fuel. definitely smells better!!!

    i don't know many people using it on guns anymore.

    my family was good for using it in remington shotguns. every year someone would see a huge buck when it was 20 degrees outside. they always said that it was too cold for them to operate the safety. when in fact the wd-40 had gummed up in the cold. now that i've gotten everyone switched over to rem-oil, fingers don't get cold anymore!!! safeties operate and we take those bucks in the 20 degrees. well, they do. i don't get to go as often as i'd like.