1920's era German pocket pistol

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    Any of you Gun Nuts R Us ever heard of a Deutsche Werke Pocket Automatic .32 ACP caliber pistol Ortgies patent?

    Here's a photo I found:


    I googled the heck out of it down to the last post on the last page and found out they were made in Germany up until the mid to late 1920s, it's single-action with a grip safety and was manufactured in .25, .32 and .380, or 6.35, 7.65 and 9x17mm. It's supposedly an accurate pistol for its small size and was widely used by German army officers and police through WWII.

    About 200,000 were manufactured during the '20s and many were imported to the U.S. According to various "experts" I found in my Google search, it's either highly collectible and worth up to $500 or not collectible at all and worth no more than $125.

    I found prices in my Google search ranging from $300 to $500. A local shop has one in .32 ACP with a 3.25" barrel and an 8-round clip for $195. I've got no experience with pocket pistols. Frankly I've always thought .380 is about as small as you should go for self-defense, but what do I know? Not much. Until this month, I thought 9mm was too small and now I got two 9mm pistols. I know DocChronos totes a .32 pocket pistol, so at least one guy on this board thinks .32 isn't too small. What think ye, fellow Steyroids?
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    Definitely never seen one of those before...

    It would make a good show piece - very different. But seeing how it is chamberd in .32, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I like for self defense. Sticking to >= .380ACP is the only way to *know* you defensive pistol is capable of getting the job done. Your CCW is for serious business - don't carry a plinking caliber.

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    Couple of LEOs I know carry Beretta 3032s for BUGs, sometimes primary carry when dress is an issue. I think if I were going to carry a .32, I'd stoke it with FMJ, or maybe FMJ & Gold Dots alternating. For 195, that's not too bad of a deal. I know .32 is a blast to shoot, my brother in law has a Colt 1903 Hammerless that is a sweet little shooter. Goes to the range with us every time.

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    yes, with a cartridge as low-penetrating as .32, FMJ would be about the only way to get near the internals
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    As Netfotoj says, I do carry a NAA .32 ACP in my back pocket. It is a great little handgun, reliable and durable, but a real hand eater. I carry it because it is the only handgun I can carry 100% of the time without worrying about printing. I stoke it as Thunderbear recommends, alternating FMJ with Hydroshoks. A local cop showed me how he carries his NAA .32, and I copycat him. Works great and is easily accessible.

    I carried a stainless Walther PPK .380 for several years before the .32, but was “outed” one day in the church foyer, and realized I had to go a little deeper. I love my PPK and still carry it when clothing allows.

    My preference is a Sig P220 in .45 ACP, but I tuck in my shirts, so I have to be wearing an overshirt, fleece, or jacket to get away with it. I am in close contact public 10-14 hours a day, and mostly I wear a shirt and tie, so hiding a handgun is not an easy matter. Until I find a better solution, I will continue with the NAA .32. Any gun is better than no gun.

    Getting back to your Deutsche Werke Pocket Automatic in .32 ACP, it reminds me of the Colt 1903 hammerless models, followed by the 1908’s. I suspect it has Browning’s thumbprint on it. I have the Colt 1908 model in .25 ACP. My wife thinks it is cute, and it is a likeable curiosity, but modern design has much improved on reliability. I suspect the Deutsche Werke pistol is another likeable curiosity, but I would be suspicious of reliability.

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    I know a little about this gun. The Ortgies was a fairly common and somewhat 'ordinary' pistol. They were available in .25, .32 and .380, with the .32's being the most common. You can find them pretty easily today as there were a lot of them brought back as war trophies but they are not particularly 'collectable'. Most of those you find today in .32 cal. aren't worth very much, unless they have unusual markings or pristine condition. The guns are generally well made and normally reliable, though they are getting old. Don't know anything about accuracy, but can't be too bad as the .32 is a reasonably accurate cartridge.
    As far as the caliber, well I have a .32 Walther PP. Reliable and accurate as hell, and I normally shoot out to 25 yards. But I've never believed in pocket guns. I just bought it at a gun show cause it was a wartime gun and a little beat up. The guy only wanted $195 for it. :eek: How could I have not gotten it? Since then, I've shot the hell out of it and have had NO malfunctions. Anyway, it is a very fun caliber to shoot, but I feel iffy about trusting my life to 9 and 38 calibers. I have rarely carried it, though usually it is quite tempting to carry just because of the small size. It fits anywhere! But a pop gun is still a pop gun.
    Now that I've wrote about it, I feel the urge to shoot my .32 PP. Maybe a range report next week is in order...
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    Thunderwear, pocket holsters with the outer flap, and the undershirt holsters are very workable solutions for more serious 9mm and larger guns. I'm thinking Kahrs, compact Glocks, KT 9mm, the new SA EMP, etc. I am in similar dress, almost never wear a jacket or sweater, and can carry a .40 Kahr well. I own and have used Thunderwear and a flapped wallet holster daily. Thunderwear is easy to hide in the type of behavior folks normaly do while wearing dress clothes, but problematic if you do a lot of squatting, bending down, or get on knees (like in a clinic). This causes the gun to lever against the waistband and you essentially "pitch a tent" with the muzzle in your slacks. Not desirable.

    Tuckable IWB holsters....I'm not decided yet. They seem slower than a pocket holster and more prone to printing or a shirt tail coming out and resulting give-away than other options. For me they've worked ok in casual dress with tucked shirt, provided the clip doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. A lot of dress-clothes jobs are just not permissive environments for CCW, regardless of legality. I don't see any good reason for anyone to know, anyway.

    Sorry for the ramble,

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    ThaiBoxer Ben,

    Thanx for the tip on Thunderwear holsters. I just got a Kel Tec P11 and that does look like a superior pocket holster, though it redefines the term completely. :shock: http://thunderwear.com/holsters.asp


    "Yes, honey, I'm glad to see ya, but that really is a gun in my pocket." :lol:

    Here's a rig that will even work well for a "church gun" in deep, deep cover, as DocChronos would say. :mrgreen: