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My father was a WWII veteran in Italy, where he found this gun on a German prisoner. He had the gun engraved there in Italy. It may detract from the value but it can never depreciate in sentimental value. On one side, it has his name, rank, serial, and regiment. On the other it has all the different cities they liberated in Italy. My father was a Bronze Star recipient. I've done a 9x19 conversion from IGB Austria, and the 9x23 barrel is still in good condition and stored away as well. Presently I'm missing a few parts for it, the recoil spring retainer and the rear recoil spring cap (#11 and #14 on the parts chart below, respectively). I've already replaced the cartridge release and the trigger sear/bar. Trying to bring this gun back to life, any info on a source for these parts would be greatly appreciated. I found a guy selling the retainer, but I just missed it, sold two weeks ago. As it is, the gun fires and cycles through the first round, but sometimes it won't return to full battery and you have to jam the slide the last 1% of the way to full battery. Any tips/info? Many thanks in advance.
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