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Folks - Has anyone tried this combination? I'd like to get about 920 fps from it in my M40. Alliant lists 4.5 grains of Bullseye as a max load for 180 grain lead bullets.

Alternate combinations are welcome.


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would say its time for another powder. bullseye comes up slightly short unless you want to push it. no idea how bullseye responds to that. you might be able to go .2gr above that book load. would bring the pressure up to shy of 35,000

titegroup can get you the speed you want and still has low charge weights. max charge weight is 4.7gr with jacketed 180gr and 975fps.

if you get plated or jacketed bullets would recommend Universal somewhere between 5.0gr - 5.5gr. will make major and should be easy recoil may have to go lower for plated bullet. though Universal will create a smokey cloud with exposed lead.
page has 40sw load data in pdf. pay extremely close attention to the OAL alot of the loads run long for 1911 pattern guns which reduces pressure on the load though they also upped the charge.
I dont know how long 40sw can go in Steyr I just stick with 1.125-1.135" specially with heavy bullets.

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Mr. A - Thanks! I'm going to load some at 4.5 grains and see where it ends up on the chronograph. And I've bookmarked the site you gave me.

I just remembered I bought a pound of Ramshot Silhouette, and then couldn't find any data for the revolver calibers I wanted to try. Ramshot has beaucoup data for that powder and .40 S&W, though. I'll try their starting load and run that over the screens as well. I've also got some 4756 and 7625...;)

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believe Ramshot Slihoutte is the same as the discontinued winchester WAP.

I havent toyed with IMR powders though tempted to get me some 800x

just pulled up what data I have on IMR

180 GR. HDY XTP DIA: .400" COL: 1.125"
all max charge weights
HiSkor 700-X 4.6gr 970fps 34,600 PSI
PB 5.1gr 975fps 34,400 PSI
SR 7625 5.7gr 990fps 33,300 PSI
SR 4756 6.0gr 1000fps 33,100 PSI
HiSkor 800-X 7.2gr 1030fps 26,000 PSI

load that Bullseye carefully fast powders spiking for whatever reason is never pretty. measure your charges carefully and dont forget to chronograph the loads. use once fired brass of known origin and inspect them after shooting.

I stock
Vv N340

load 9mm and 40sw but would be happy to pickup 45acp.
if I had a assembled 223rem rifle would load it. thinking of shotgun 12Gg, looked into loading berdan primed casings also.

Vv N340 is excellent for 9mm loads with no flash and good velocity

PowerPistol is good all around powder excellent power though has lots of flash.
Unique is good all around though dirtier than powerpistol is pretty accurate less flash than powerpistol.

Universal burns super clean but is smokey with exposed lead similar to Unique in all around but Universal can spike wildly so I am told not a powder to push. light loads of Universal shot like a dream with 180gr FMJ bullet

WSF accurate powder not very powerfull but moderate. recoil can be sharp in 40sw

Longshot :wink: fav for 40sw power loads lots of recoil but it takes 40sw to its absolute highest height in velocity and energy but also recoil.

havent tried titegroup yet.

40sw medium burning powders safer.

dont feel like adding powders except for rifle or shotgun. sooner be shotgun. would probably add clays or wst I think otherwise previous powders do pretty well in shotgun.
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