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    A security guard shot and killed a suspected burglar at about 2 a.m. Tuesday after the man pulled a gun on the guard.

    The security guard works for Critical Intervention Services, an armed security guard company contracted to work at Manatee Woods Apartments on Fifth Street East in Bradenton.

    The guard, 33-year-old Pablo Feliciano Jr., heard a car alarm going off in the complex and went to investigate.

    He saw someone breaking into a vehicle, who ran as Feliciano approached. Feliciano chased the suspect, who turned and pointed a gun at him.

    Feliciano drew his weapon and fired two shots at the suspect, who turned and ran again.

    Bristow said the shooting appears to be justified.
    A police dog tracked the suspect to a duplex at 3322 Fifth St. East, where he was found just inside the front door. Paramedics pronounced him dead.

    Manatee County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Dave Bristow said the dead man's gun turned out to be a pellet gun. But Bristow said because the officer feared for his life, it appears the shooting was justified.

    Crack cocaine was found on the dead man. He had no identification on him and detectives are working to identify him.

    Feliciano has worked at the complex for less than a month.
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    The site is about 4 mi. due east of my place. If I had to live
    there I'd want armed security. I'm lucky, in this town that
    4 miles is a world away, the only sirens we get are from the
    ambulances carting the old folks to the hospitals. If I get any
    details locally I'll post. Hope everything is cool up there in
    Brandon, D.

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    local fishwrap reports that the BG's wounds were in his
    back. LE indicates there will be no charges.