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‘Moonbats’ are ‘Déjà vu all over again’

The “moonbats” gathered on the National Mall over the weekend for an anti-war rally.

"Who do you want to win the war?" one moonbat shouted.

"I want the Iraqi resistance to win the war" answered the others.

Jane Fonda showed up wearing an old button she musta dredged up from her attic which featured the “Vietnam Veterans Against the War.” Remember that bogus outfit, which included such stalwart patriots as John Francois Kerry, who has achieved what I would have thought was impossible, becoming an untouchable candidate even to Democrats?

Brings back memories of the bad ol’ days, when Hanoi Jane gave her aid and comfort to the enemy and John Francois testified to Congress about the “baby killers” in Vietnam.

So far the moonbats haven’t posed for any photos manning the controls of any terrorist anti-aircraft batteries in Iraq or called our troops “baby killers,” but the direction they’re going is sure looking like “déjà vu all over again” to me.

And nothing has really changed. They weren’t called “moonbats” back then, just hippies, but the anti-war crowd was wrong then and they’re wrong again this time.

They hollered long enough and loud enough for Congress to “cut and run” from Vietnam but nobody remembers the blood that ran all over Southeast Asia after we abandoned our allies there. The anti-war left still has the blood of massacred millions on their hands from Pol Pot’s Khymer Rouge “Killing Fields” to North Vietnam’s invasion of the south as the result of the “cut and run” from Vietnam by Congress more than 30 years ago.

And the much-ridiculed “Domino Theory” proved to be true as South Vietnam, Cambodia and all of Southeast Asia fell under the Communist boot. But who remembers?

The Vietnam vets like me remember, but we’re a bunch of old out-of-touch geezers now who have mostly kept our silence every since we snuck back home, trying to keep a low profile so the moonbats of our era wouldn’t throw fake blood on us at the airports.

But the moonbats were wrong then and they’re wrong again now. And if Congress listens to them again and we “cut and run” from Iraq like we did from Vietnam, this time the terrorists are going to follow us home and blood will flow on American streets.

But who listens to a bunch of old geezers like us? What do we know about war? We just fought one, we never protested one. So what does our opinion count for anyway?

I’ll make a vow. If one of those moonbats in Congress who votes for a resolution, nonbinding or otherwise, that does not support our troops in this war ever gets elected President, I’ll eat my hat. Then I’ll start digging a bomb shelter in my backyard.
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