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  1. Other Handguns
    I randomly found and snatched up a Steyr GB a few weeks back. The gun is an earlier commercial variant in overall great shape, the gas system and vents clean, the gas cup snugly fit, and the recoil spring feels appropriately strong. The internet videos I had watched on it seem to conclude...
  2. Other Handguns
    Hey everybody, well I finally got to add a GB to the collection , I will start doing some reviews news history building on them . And will try to find any mods I can . With that said I am looking for a Compensator and a cleaning kit . Here is the Frist video to start off . Next will be ...
  3. Other Handguns
    Hi folks, I have includes some pictures of another customized STEYR GB. 1.) The gun is plated complete with crome or nickel. 2.) The factory sights had been replaced by a Millett Front & Rear Sight. 3.) The factory trigger guard had been replaced by a special steel, well done piece adding extra...
  4. Wanted
    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a decocking lever for Steyr GB without buying a whole pistol? I managed to pick up one with a spur hammer but a damaged lever for under $500 so I'm hoping to make it whole again. Any help is appreciated Gents.
  5. Wanted
    Hi, my hammer cracked in half and I need a new one. does anyone have an idea where I can get one?
1-5 of 5 Results