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  1. New Member Check-In
    Hi everyone, I live in North Carolina and own an SSG04-A1, Pro Hunter, and just recently purchased an SSG08. All 3 in 300 win mag. Hope to meet up with other NC long Range shooters. "Ex Umbris Venimus"
  2. The Pub
    just walking along, minding my own business and .............
  3. New Member Check-In
    Hello from the sunshine capital of the world, Astoria,Or.:o Just picked up a M40 A1 but have been unable to shoot yet. Wanted to say hi and thanks for the site, a wealth of information. Dlee :tinfoil:
  4. The Pub
    I have already submitted ads for 2 handguns (Glock 27 and Springfield 1911) in a local classified publication. When you guys sell, do you meet at a neutral location or do you have them come to your house? Also, on bills of sale, do you include your name and address? If you haven't already...
  5. New Member Check-In
    Hey everyone- I'm soon to join the Steyr (hopefully happy) owners club. I just purchased an S9-A1 and it should be arriving any day now. Had to search high and low with the current craze- but finally located one at a Cabelas in West Virginia. Luckily they were nice enough to sell and ship me a...
  6. Caracal C and F Series
    Gentlefolk; Newbie here -what is the relationship between Caracal and Steyr? Never heard of Caracal before I saw postings about the recall. Thx!
  7. Caracal C and F Series
    Has anyone seen or heard anything about the new caracal Sc ? I would like to find one.
  8. New Member Check-In
    just bought m9 a1. came from out of state so have to transfer. cant wait to pick it up. i need tips and tricks! my pistol is the cabelas grey gun.
  9. M, C, L and S Series
    Anyone know where I can find a M-A1 in WA state? preferably the 40... any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. New Member Check-In
    I'm a proud new owner of a C9-A1 I will be picking up on Monday. I originally was looking at the M9's at Cabela's but saw the compact and fell in love with the ergo's and trigger so bought that instead. Now I just need an IDPA compliant holster and 5 or 6 extra mags.
  11. The Pub
    Guys I thought it would be neat to see how many walks of life steyr represents so I wanted to take a poll on our members occupations. Sorry if this is too forward but we all have choosen steyr so I figure we all enjoy the finer things in life I'll go first 8 years of schooling in history to...
  12. M, C, L and S Series
    I am looking for a new S40-A1 either in or to be transferred to Mississippi (where I'm stationed) or Texas (where I'm a resident). Can anyone find one? This will be my first firearm, so, I am turning to the community for some help. Thanks!
  13. M, C, L and S Series
    I found some 12 round mags for the M40 at my local gun store in Olathe, KS. They have around a dozen left. I paid $35 for mine and they said that they would ship out of state as long as the state allows "high cap" mags. I don't know if I am allowed to say the stores name so if you need more...
  14. New Member Check-In
    Hello everyone, just checking in. I've been looking for a Steyr M series for quite a while, and just after I had given up I walked into one. While looking at a PPQ (as a substitute) the salesmen said he had a Steyr in back that just came in. I think we all know what I went with, I haven't...
  15. M, C, L and S Series
    Hello all, new to the forum. I had read about the "hybrid" M9 9mm Steyr at Cabelas on this forum after I had already purchased one ($379.99)on 12/28, (not knowing the particulars). I must admit I was somewhat beside myself that I had not done a better job of researching what I was purchasing...
  16. New Member Check-In
    Just ordered my first Steyr product today. I have a new SA1 in 9MM on the way. I have heard alot of good things about the build quality and the shootability of the Steyr pistols. I've carried all-steel pistols for a long time and my back is really starting to give me fits; thus the desire for a...
  17. M, C, L and S Series
    I'm somewhat of a "newbie" here, and I apologize upfront if I'm posting in the wrong section. Basically, several years ago (December 2005), I purchased an M357-A1 through a member here for my first handgun while I was visiting my home state (Texas) but was living in Wisconsin for school...
  18. New Member Check-In
    Howdy, I am ColoradoSunDevil. I live in Highland Ranch, Colorado, which is on the South side of Denver, CO. I've earned both of my degrees from Arizona State University, thus the "Sun Devil" part of my name. I own three Steyr rifles: 7mm Rem Mag, Luxus; 30-06, Luxus; and .308 mannlicher. I...
  19. M, C, L and S Series
    So last monday i went saw the new bond flick,skyfall, loved it. Had to buy a new gun, wanting to stick with 9x19. Notice the villan's gun is one i've heard about but constantly avoided the m9a1. Did some research and went a third a way across the state to buy my m9a1. Its a pw arms marked...
1-19 of 128 Results