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  1. Other Rifles
    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone has used or seen anyone use an ssg69 in Palma matches out to 1000 yards? Tempted to buy one for competitive target shooting, Any info greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dips
  2. Other Rifles
    Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can get a 10 shot mag for my ssg69 from ? I live in Australia and haven't found one as yet. Cheers, dips
  3. Other Rifles
    Are the triggers the same for the Model M/S/L the same as the SSG 69? I picked up an older Model M '06 yesterday with the type 1 non adjustable trigger. It would be fine for bench work but at under 1.5 pounds its too light in general. Steyr said I could buy the type 2 for bukoo bucks, but I see...
  4. Other Rifles
    Hi, i was wondering if anyone has fitted a picatinny rail from Steyr Arms to an SSG 69. I read that they may need to be hammered on but i have just got one and it slides on easily. My worry is that the 4 grub screws that secure it in place dont actually screw into the top of the receiver...
  5. Other Rifles
    Hi guys, I recently bought an ssg69 PIV with the 16 inch barrel. I put a swarovski z5 3.5-18 on it. Also mounted using 1 inch steyr rings. Scope has 58 inches of elev adjustment but is running out past 400m when I am shooting. Can anyone shed some light on this, is it no good past 400m ? Or...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm an army veteran from Ontario, Canada, and after a few months of shooting my M40A1, I am now a hopeless Steyr Fanboy. (To the point that I am selling off other guns to save for an SSG69).
  7. Other Rifles
    Very happy that I was finally able to pick up a Kahles ZF84 scope for my SSG69, looking forward to getting it out to the range. Don
  8. Other Rifles
    I am thinking of getting a precision rifle in 308Win. I looked through SSG69, SSG04, CZ750, TRG22, FN A3G, and even Blazer Tac2. I found that CZ750 and SSG04 are probably best choices for me. But I heard that SSG04 stock is not good. Some guys even reported cracked stock. I know that McMillan...
  9. Other Rifles
    Hello - new guy here. Found a really nice SSG69 - manufactured early 1990's but only fired 100 rds from new. Put into storage for years by the previous owner due to ill health. It is in a nice McMillan stock and I have ordered the Styria bottom metal for use with AICS mags - this conversion...
  10. Marketplace
    Will consider all offers.the stock is in Australia but l have no issues in shipping it overseas...
  11. Marketplace
    FOUND !!! Green ssg69 p1 stock FOUND !!!!!Hi I`m after a Green or Black ssg69 p1 stock does`t have to be perfect.. Cheers
  12. Other Rifles
    Where would I find a double set trigger for my SSG69 P1? Can I even change it to a double set trigger? Thanks /
  13. Other Rifles
    Hi I'm new guy from Indonesia I got Steyr Jagdmatch .308 with double trigger from my father Unfortunately I am not familiar with double trigger Can anyone give me information where I can get single trigger from SSG69 ? I'm pretty sure they interchangeable. Or I can trade the double with single...
1-13 of 13 Results