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  1. Other Rifles
    I put an old Banner I have available on my Scout .308 with the intention of replacing it later. I have been looking at some of the Tactical 1x4's or 1x6's from Vortex mostly. I plan to pick up a Leupold when one is on sale, but I'm in no hurry. Am I going the right direction with a scope? Does...
  2. Other Rifles
    I have an SSG 69 PII and my friend has an older Hensoldt ZF 800 10 X 42MM he acquired in a lot of 5 scopes purchased from the inventory of a fine gun shop that had gone out of business. My question is was this the optic that came with this rifle? I am not all that interested in optic other than...
  3. Non Steyr Classifieds
    hello , I think these mounts are the tallest nightforce has , I had to change to a 20moa angled rail for my ssg04a1 and couldnt use these anymore . I am looking for a fobus type shoulder holster for my glock 21 45acp , and or steyr 40 l-a1. thanks jim
  4. New Member Introductions
    hello people , this place looks like a good place to find other people that love steyrs like myself . I target shoot with a ssg 04a1 with a Nightforce scope, and a classic 7mm with a Nightforce scope , I just got a new l-a1 handgun .looking for other people who have the same interests .cheers
  5. Other Rifles
    Hello all, I'm a newbie to the club, and I did a forum search on this issue but I had no luck there... Does anyone know where I can find a 30-60MOA slanted picatiny rail to put on top of my HS-50? I understand that the newer HS-50's have a 20MOA slanted base on them. In fact, I may be the...
  6. Other Rifles
    Hello everybody, this is my first post here ! I am about to buy a .308W SSG-69 PII rifle, but in my country nobody sells STEYR scope rings. Looking at the receiver, I think the dovetail is quite similar to the CZ-550(19mm CZ vs. 18mm Steyr). Of course, the CZ rings have a side locking tab in...
  7. Other Rifles
    Very happy that I was finally able to pick up a Kahles ZF84 scope for my SSG69, looking forward to getting it out to the range. Don
  8. Other Rifles
    I'm finally comitted to get a .308 scout. What is the best scope for it ? I'm considering the Burris Scout scope 2.75x7. Is this a good option ?
  9. AUG, MSAR
    Interesting detail buried in a press release about an annual celebration: Jägerbataillon 25 (one of the proof-of-concept "professional" formations with no conscripts) will be equipped with a modernized AUG variant. The single image appears to show an A3 SF. The text mentions a short barrel...
  10. Other Rifles
    Debating selling my STEYR RIFLE model M 30-06 double triggers, stock is nice original, pachmayr recoil pad and it is freshly blued. Please advise a fair price range. 30-40 rounds thru it. Purchased new 1970 on return from vietnam. Thanks for advice. Appreciate all comebacks
  11. Other Rifles
    Hi I´d like to show you my SSG 04 the scope i wanted so badly for this Rifle arrived yesterday :joker: The Rifle is chambered in .308. The scope is a Kahles K312 and it´s the finest pice of opics i have ever held in my hands ! Now iam only searching for a Sling a Scope Extender and i will...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Just purchased my first sniper rifle. Steyr SSG 69P1 w/set triggers, threaded barrel, and 2 extra mags. Also has a Schmidt & Bender 10x42 PM fixed scope w/ P-1 reticle. This is my first toe in the water so to speak so I hope the $1800 was money well spent. Both gun and scope are in excellent...
  13. M, C, L and S Series
    I just ordered a set of night sites for my M1 to replace the factory ones. How do I replace them? Do I move them from left to right or do I move them from right to left? I have used the search function on this forum, and have found different opinions on how to do this. I know on my Glock that I...
  14. Other Rifles
    I have this Old Steyr Mannlicher and I cant find anything like it. My Greath Grandfather Says he bought it in Germany.. See the pics I attached anyone direct me where I can find info.
  15. Other Rifles
    Good Evening all, I just purchased a Steyr SBS in 6.5x54 luxus, it is a commemorative celebrating 150 years of Steyr Gun making with a medallion of Ferdinand Mannlicher in the butt stock. I purchased scope bases from Talley and they did not fit, hole spacing was too long. Does anyone have any...
  16. Other Rifles
    model s Caliber 7mm mag Also has Grand Rapids Michigan stamped on it Twisted/forged barrel Had a mannlicher scope on it at one time. It got a dinged/scratch during a tumble in the Rockies thanks for your input.
  17. Other Rifles
    So here is my deal. I have $900-$1350 to spend on a new AR. I want a multi purpose rifle. I am not sure what to do about piston vs DI. I am not interested in building a gun. Your thoughts are appreciated. I have been thinking: sig 516, pws mk116, stag, daniel defense and Adcor BEAR
  18. Other Rifles
    Hi, My new SSG 04 in 300WM will be here in a few days. I also bought a Leupold Mk4 8.5-25x50 ER/T (I know maybe I should have researched more but the deal is done). I would be greatful for any suggestions for a scope mount (with integral rings or just rings also maybe). I don't want to go...
  19. Other Rifles
    I have an SSG 69, made in 1999, and I've never seen a picture of one like it. It has a black stock, came with rings w/ matching serial #s, and the 6x ZFM scope. It has the butter knife bolt handle, but no iron sights on the barrel. Is this unusual? Is there a particular model number or...
1-19 of 66 Results