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  1. Steyrs for Sale
    I am selling a Steyr S40. Has about 3,000 rounds through it. Included are 5 magazines, the lock keys, and a Bladetech holster. It is in very good condition. The gun does have issues, though. It does not go into battery consistently; about once every hundred rounds, it fails to fire because the...
  2. Steyrs for Sale
    C9-A1 for sale, with 3-dot sights. The mags are 2-standard 15 rd & 3-high-capacity 17 rd, the case is the factory original. This weapon is post factory work for: re-call, extractor & extractor pin upgrade, and guide rod replacement. It shoots great since the factory work, smooth and accurate...
  3. Holsters and Cases for Sale
    I am asking $35 TYD each for these. The belt clip allows for a 1.5" belt. There are extra sets of holes on the holster itself for different belt clip mounting options.
  4. Steyrs for Sale
    I have for sale a Steyr M9A1 9mm, like NIB, only 50 rds. thru it, comes with a NIB Streamlight TLR-1 HL (630 lumens), and an RP Concealment Kydex light bearing holster for both. Comes with box, 2) 17 rd. magazines, all paperwork. Gun fuctions flawlessly and is a match grade tack driver. Has the...
  5. Non Steyr Classifieds
    hello , I think these mounts are the tallest nightforce has , I had to change to a 20moa angled rail for my ssg04a1 and couldnt use these anymore . I am looking for a fobus type shoulder holster for my glock 21 45acp , and or steyr 40 l-a1. thanks jim
  6. Steyrs for Sale
    Perfect Steyr GB for sale in the box with all accessories and two magazines. I have it posted on Armslist with photos. Here is the link:
  7. Other Handguns
    I've got a complete GB for sale on Armslist. If anybody's interested, here's the link:
  8. Wanted
    Looking for a FTF transaction in Central or NE-OH. Private sale (missed one on ArmsList not long ago) prefered but will consider dealer transaction as well. PM prefered but can post here if you have one (or are aware of one) for sale. Thanks Rotorflyr
  9. Holsters and Cases for Sale
    This is the 3rd holster I have made and after I set all of my rivets I realized that I put them in backwards for right handed draw SOOOOO, I decided to make it for a lefty. ALL holsters I make and sell for full price will come with 1 free mag carrier. I am asking $40 TYD, the clips accommodate...
  10. Holsters
    MODS, if this is against the rules please remove I would like it to go to someone that NEEDS 1 and that wont just turn around and sell it so they could make a few extra bucks. This was my 2nd attempt at making a holster and it came out great until I screwed up at the very end where the belt...
  11. Marketplace
    I have 2 Military Steyrs GB's for sale, should I sell them together as apackage or sperate. what might the 2 of them be worth?
  12. Marketplace
    I have a brand new Steyr AUG A3 stock, trigger pack and 30 round magazine for sale. These have never been used as I converted to NATO version. Asking $365.00 plus shipping but open to reasonable offers. I am not posting any pics as you know what the stock, etc. looks like. You can email me...
  13. Other Handguns
    Today I was able to take my Taurus TCP out for a spin, and I must say she handles like a dream. Between me, my wife, and a friend of mine, the little TCP shot 80 rounds of cheap Russian ammo ($8 for a box of 50), and 50 American Eagle (or some such) flawlessly! I had no failures to feed or to...
  14. Marketplace
    Steyr S40-A1 for sale Lightly used S40-A1 AMAZING firearm but have the S9-A1 and don't need both. Pistol will come with 2 10rd mags and carry case. This pistol will be listed on other forums I am on after 1 week if no interest is showed. I am not looking for any trades at this time. The striker...
  15. M, C, L and S Series
    This may be a stupid question, but it seems stupid to me that owners should have to spend money to fill that ugly hole thats still there once the mag is inserted.. Is there any reason that they were manufactured like this?
  16. M, C, L and S Series
    I am considering selling my M40 s/n in the 7to 8000 range with six 10 round magazines. Less than 1000 rds through it. I am having trouble coming up with a value for an m40. I see plenty of m40-a1 for sale but not the m40. Any suggestion or starting points?
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hello from the sunshine capital of the world, Astoria,Or.:o Just picked up a M40 A1 but have been unable to shoot yet. Wanted to say hi and thanks for the site, a wealth of information. Dlee :tinfoil:
  18. M, C, L and S Series
    Been a while since I have been back here. Anyway just a heads up guys, I was able to purchase a March 2013 (make date) M40-A1 from Trellix Tactical, Plano Texas, I think they still have 8 in stock for those of our brother's interested. They have it in auction in GB at a buy now price of 509. I...
1-18 of 168 Results